Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Their Working Mom - A note to my girls

This kind of post is a bit hard to write about yourself, but this blog and the printed blog books are for my girls and I want them to know some things about the working life of their mom.  When they were born, I was able to stay home with them for about 7 months, then as many, many moms have to do, I went back to work full-time to help support our family. I love being a teacher and working with the population I get to teach, but going back to work and leaving my babies was the hardest thing I have ever done- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When going back to work, I interviewed at many sites and tried the impress the principals at the high performing Elementary schools, knowing one day my babies would be school age and could go to school with me. As a result, nine years ago I started at Silver Gate Elementary as their special education Mild/Moderate teacher and this year I was selected Silver Gate's site teacher of the year. I write a post about this because I want Lola and Ellie to know that when I left them to go to work, it was not in vein. In my mind, if I had to leave my girls, I was going to do it for a purpose and not just a paycheck. I was going to spend my time away from them affecting the lives of the children that came into my classroom in a positive way.  I love the population I work with, I love figuring out how struggling children learn and I take pride in implementing interventions that help them reach their potential.  First and foremost I am an advocate for children and believe that all children can learn! Lola and Ellie, as a working mom, I know there are times when I have come home emotionally spent or just simply too tired to do everything you would ask. The laundry is almost never done and the house is not always clean. I know there are many early morning meetings for which you have to tag along and times when I have to say no because of work, but know that my work is meaningful and I put my best effort forward when I am "on the clock" - all because of you two. I want you to know that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Being present and purposeful in all you do is so important and I hope that having a mom who works outside the home while also managing the family home, only makes you stronger women! 

Teacher of the Year Ceremony, San Diego Unified School District

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mother's Day

I was a bit under the weather on Mother's day so I only snapped a few pictures. 
It was a great day thought. The girls started off the day by bringing me coffee and presents in bed. Then while daddy was getting ready, Lola and Ellie made be breakfast, complete with eggs, orange juice and more coffee. Then we went to church and out to lunch at Harbor Town. It was a nice relaxing day fill with a whole lot of love. 

I LOVE being Lola and Ellie's mom. 

Easter 2018

We we started our Easter weekend with a little egg dying session! 
I believe the girls each dyed a dozen eggs! 

The Saturday before Easter a few friends came over for an Easter brunch and an egg hunt. It was such a relaxing day and so much fun! It just night be our new tradition. 

All the kids... Ellie, Ella, Lola, Rosie and Wiliem. 

Easter morning basket hunt, for some reason they are always hid in our room... it works out... that way Tony get to see the girls find them!

Now it's time to get dressed up and head off to church! But not before we try out those new mitts the easter bunny brought.  

wow, where are my little girls
After church we headed to the Farmer's market. 

Emma's house for another egg hunt and an Easer feast!

Happy Easter 2018!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Spring Pictures

I never order the spring pictures... but these... my girls looked beautiful and so grown up, I had to order them! Lola and Ellie got them elves ready for these pictures, a morning shower and all! Love them. 

Lola- April 2018

Ellie-April 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Break 2018

Well since Ellie's best friend moved away show would not stop asking when she would get to go visit her in Colorado. So for their birthday in collaboration with the Lomax family, we went to Colorado fo r spring break. This was a fantastic visit for all of us. Tess, Ally, Maddie, Lola, and Ellie get along so well. I would say like sisters, but they don't fight so maybe more like friends. Britany and I are so easy together and so fun- it was such a great time! 

I love how they still hold hands on take off! 
This trip was a surprise trip for the Lomax girls, they had no idea we were coming, which made the airport pick up that much more fun! it took the whole airport ride home to get over the shock and it was all giggles on the card ride home. Once we hit their "long" driveway the girls got out of the car and ran together to get this week of fun started. 

Exploring the house and the pets - "Fairy the Ferret" 

The first day we headed to the Royal Gorge on the first day! 

The terrifying gondolas...

Lola was not having it... and I wasn't either!

Stying home watching snow, making homemade pizza, and staying up way too late was the most fun! 

Woke up to the a blanket of beautiful snow! These ladies had a ton of fun!

Roblox playing together on the iPad while sitting on the same couch... cringe for me, fun for them. 

We spent the last day in downtown Denver.

So fun! We miss all of them already. 
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