Sunday, March 11, 2018

It's Lola and Ellie's 9th Birthday

Good Morning Girls - You Are NINE!! 

We started the day with a wake up and a run through the "not so surprise" decorations. I believe if I didn't decorate the girls door like this, they would be so very sad. 

 First thing in the morning we let the girls' open their first gift. With a little help form the Lomax's we surprised the girls with a trip to see them in Colorado for Spring break. 

BREAKFAST Time ... Nine pancakes it is! 

The girls wanted to spend the afternoon at Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum at Balboa Park. Before we left, we completed the girls birthday interviews as snapped a family photo while we were at it! 
Lola Grace - Age Nine
 Ellie Francesca- Age Nine

 Balboa Park fun! 

 After Balboa Park, we hosted a family dinner with Emma, Grandma, Poppi, Uncle Drew, and Sol. 
The moments in-between the park and the party - I captured this sweet moment. Lola and her Daddy. 

 Present TIME!

(I have to say that Lola wanted just brownies as her cake and Ellie requested an ice cream cake)

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lola and Ellie. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Smile & Slime Lola and Ellie turn 9

The girls wanted a slumber party with some of their closest friends for their birthday again this year. 
Ellie wanted an Emoji party and Lola wanted a Slime party, so the theme " SMILE and SLIME" was born! It was fun to put this party together and I believe Lola and Ellie had a blast!

The decorations were a must!

Ellie wanted Poop Emoji cupcakes and Lola made edible slime to top her chocolate brownies. 

Goodie Bags for all their friends. 

The girls made their own PARTY agenda ... I LOVE them and their personality!!! 
Notice- I VETOed the POOL

Friends have arrived...
First up, Let's make emojis! 

Now it's time to make Slime

Each girl got to make four slimes and take them home in these fancy containers Lola and Ellie designed. 

Dinner, the girls wanted hot dog and hamburgers- so that's what they got! 

The girls followed their schedule to a T- Presents were up next. 

Photo Booth / Selfie Station at it's best!!!!! 

CAKE time!

Balloon Popping with hidden prizes!

The girls cuddled in to watch the Emoji Movie and enjoy pop-corn. 
Lights out by 10:30 (though many little girls stayed up until midnight)!

They woke up happy and hungry!

Goodies bags... along with the slime that they made, Lola and Ellie picked some items out for their friends. 
( I would not let the girls play with the slime in the house, so outside they went)

The party ended with some sweet serenades,  little girls, halfway between innocence and budding tweens, singing their hearts out to one of their favorite songs. 

Each year, Tony and I ask ourselves why we commit to a slumber party, it is a L O T of work,  and each year I am reminded how much fun it is for Lola and Ellie and it is worth all the effort. Tony and I love that Lola and Ellie have these fun memories imprinted in their  hearts! 
Happy Smile and Slime to our new NINE year olds!
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