Friday, September 15, 2017

Simple Summer Moments 2017

Okay... So our summer was so full and so fun! It went by so fast! 
Here are some simple summer highlights.

Summer nights at the beach are my favorite! 
The Lomax gang!

Tony and I celebrated 11 years this summer... Love him!

4th annual summer family/friends BBQ at Gator Beach!
I love this gang, each year it is so much fun! 
Candice and Ellie 

Lola loves watching baby Rosie!

My summer work out partner .... Amy


More summer nights on the beach.

Point Loma Summer Concerts in the park.

Summer down time.

Hiking in the summer... one of my favorite things. 
{Torrey Pines}

The Bay with the Herkerts

Baseball with daddy

The girls learned how to cook this summer,.
Lola made this egg sandwich all on her own. Gas stove and all!


Summer twilight surf sessions with daddy as the coach. 

Hiking Annie's trials with Grandma and Poppi... 
though the cool part of the trail was closed we still had fun!

Nanna and GG hanging out our place!

Rock Climbing with friends, Declan, Lexi and Nathan.

Summer Day Dates... the best!
Each and every summer that comes, goes way too quickly. Summer 2017 will be missed!
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