Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Santa 2017

I Love this tadition, I am so glad that Mark and Missi are able to make it happen even though they live far aways.

{Aiden 11, Lola 8, Sydney 4, Ellie 8, Liam 6}

After Santa shenanigans! Dinner and Stacked, like always, but this time the kids had their own table!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving turned out to be such a festive fun evening! I am not quite sure how we ended up hosting 15 people, but I am sure glad we did! Though Emma did most of the cooking (Thank God), it was nice to decorate and enjoy the day at our house with family and friends. 
I am so Thankful for this sweet family!

The girls helped prep while watching the parade... turkey before!

Table SET!

Ellie- my Ellie - cleaned up this room and set it up just the way she wanted.. all ready for the guests. 

Candice filling out our grateful chain... I loved reading what everyone wrote. 

Keith and Ellie chatting it up

The cooks! Mike and Emma

Lola helped Emma make the whipped cream and also helped mike try to solve the impossible puzzle. 

A party would not be complete without a game of Bocce Ball. 

Time to EAT!

{ Tony, Lola, Candice, Brittany, James, Tessa, Ellie, Emma, Mike, Maddie, Allie, Von, Keith, Stacie}

After dinner BINGO with prizes ... so  so Fun!!!


Yes, the night ended with a swim session!
I mean why not it was 85 degrees all day and into the night!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fall Ball

This season, we joined the local softball league. The field is in walking distance from our house, so it was kind of a no-brainer. It was so fun for Tony to walk the girls to practice and be so involved in Lola and Ellie's softball experience !

Season of Thunderbolts! 
Their first walk to a game...

{20 and 21}

 The Blue Angles flew over our field one afternoon while the girls were playing - made us think that Granpapa was watching. 

 Lola and Ellie each hit a home run this season. 

 We let the girls walk to practice on their own for the first time. 
It was a big step, but slowly and surely they will gain some independence. 

Ellie pitched for the first time this season - so brave- she got one strike and did fantastic!

 End of Season Pizza Party and awards. 

 {Coaches: Joe, Nate, Jimmy, Esteban; Players: Emme, Elizabeth (boosters), Lola, Ellie, Brynn, Bailey, Lily, Bella, Desire, Sammy)
Fall Ball is a skill development league- and the girls learned and grew so much this season- it was really fun to watch! 
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