Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Third Grade Wrap Up!

Third grade was an amazing year, where both of my girls grew so much and gained a ton of confidence. They had a great teacher and both simply loved this third grade. 

Open house is always a special time for both Lola and Ellie to show us their hard work and all the things that are proud of. 

Mr. Russell with Lola and Ellie

End of year festivities started with a bit of Crazy Hair! 

A field trip to Cabrillo Momument on Crazy Hair Day... Mr Russell was brave. 

Gator Olympics... 
it such a fun activity filled day to celebrate the end of the a school year. Lola and Ellie had a blast. 

 {Ellie, Lola, Natalie}

On the last day of school the girls' teacher had the class meet at the OB peer before school to collect plankton. I mean - SO COOL- the girls were ecstatic to help collect the plantain so they could take it back to the science lab and check it out! 

The last day of school was fourth grade promotions as well. This forth grade class was pretty special I have worked with about 12 of these students for 5 years and some I will not forget. These two girls will always hold a special place in my heart. Izzy and Aubrey. A few of my other ones I did not get a picture with but they too with be missed dearly.

 Last day free-time and party in the classroom. 
and... that's a wrap just like that I have 4th graders. This class and year was amazing!
I am so grateful for this school and the experience Lola and Ellie are having. 

First summer stop is always at Kellogg Beach (with basically half of Silver Gate)

Lola and Ellie came home to summer treats and started out the evening in summer style.

 Time to start checking off this list!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

8U Gold All Stars

The Girls made it to 8U Gold All Star. 
This is a huge commitment in time and money. Tony and I were not sure we wanted the girls to commit to this, but in the end we are so glad we let them try out and participate. Both Lola and Ellie had a blast, Tony was beside himself with pride, and I went full in as a softball mom. It was such a fun experience and the memories made will last a lifetime! 

The day they found out they made the 8U A team! We surprised them will Gold Balloons! 

Looking sharp in their new Red, White, and Blue Clairemont uniforms. 
Lola #19, Ellie #12

They started the season by meeting their "Big 14U softball sisters" 
They exchanged gifts and gained mentor the whole season.

 The 8U All Star season recapped in a whole-lot-of photos... no particular order. 
Lola played mostly left and right field while being one of the team's dominate hitters. 
Ellie played center field and first base. She too was one of the most consistent hitters on the team. 

 (Ellie made MVP Three times) 

(Lola Made MVP twice)

(One of their best buds Ella, played All Stars too but for a different league,
 we got to play in a few tournaments with her)

(out of town tournaments are a blast)

 The CHEERS are one of the best things about softball at this age! 


The girls fought hard, won some games and lost a few. They gave great effort, showed so much growth, and made lifetime friendships. I love team sports and how many lessons are learned through participating. Cheers to such a fun season! 

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