Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Break 2018

Well since Ellie's best friend moved away show would not stop asking when she would get to go visit her in Colorado. So for their birthday in collaboration with the Lomax family, we went to Colorado fo r spring break. This was a fantastic visit for all of us. Tess, Ally, Maddie, Lola, and Ellie get along so well. I would say like sisters, but they don't fight so maybe more like friends. Britany and I are so easy together and so fun- it was such a great time! 

I love how they still hold hands on take off! 
This trip was a surprise trip for the Lomax girls, they had no idea we were coming, which made the airport pick up that much more fun! it took the whole airport ride home to get over the shock and it was all giggles on the card ride home. Once we hit their "long" driveway the girls got out of the car and ran together to get this week of fun started. 

Exploring the house and the pets - "Fairy the Ferret" 

The first day we headed to the Royal Gorge on the first day! 

The terrifying gondolas...

Lola was not having it... and I wasn't either!

Stying home watching snow, making homemade pizza, and staying up way too late was the most fun! 

Woke up to the a blanket of beautiful snow! These ladies had a ton of fun!

Roblox playing together on the iPad while sitting on the same couch... cringe for me, fun for them. 

We spent the last day in downtown Denver.

So fun! We miss all of them already. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Storm

 Our 2018 Softball Team 
This year we , as a family, decided to switch softball league... for good reason. The field in in walking distance from our house and rumor had it that Clairemont Girls Fast pitch is a more competitive league.  We love that we made the witch, the girls have made may neighborhood fiends, Tony is able to walk them to practice, and the girls have learned so much! Ellie was out for about 1/2 the season, but let me tell you she acted like she didn't miss a practice when she got to lay again! 

Opening Day!

Ellie broke her arm just two practices into the season, to say she was deviated is an understatement. Despite not being able to play, she showed up at every practice, lead cheers at every game, and learned how to score keep. She even kept official score for a few of the games. I love that this girl kept her commitment, became a leader, and showed her teammates what it means to show up and make lemonade out of lemons! 

Lola grew as a softball player this year. She gained confidence, tried a ton of new position, and became one of the team's most dependable hitters. 

 100 inning game! 
This was an all day fundraiser where the kids played game after game of softball. it got rained out a bit, but was a fun day and a team bonding experience. 

 Lola                                            Ellie 

I love that these SISTERS get to be on the same team and experience this much JOY together. 

 After Practice fun with the coach. 

 Softball Dance/ Movie Family night at the field. This was such a fun night for all the kids. 

 Ma & Pa Tournament! Super fun, but our team was eliminated in two games. 
The kids were the base coaches, planned the line up, and cheer their folks on! 

 Ellie started pitching a bit this season! She loves it! 

Closing Ceremonies 
The classic signing of the jerseys
 Coach Pep-talk

 Ellie's team voted that she should receive the Fiveship award for showing the most leadership, sportsmanship, and perseverance. We are proud of her little spirit and how she rises as a leader in all situations. 
 Sister and Trophies

 We hosted the end of year softball party at our house... it was SOOO fun! 
Pics of the party in no particular order. 

 Coach is going in ....

It was spectacular Season!

So spectacular, that these ladies made Gold ALL STARS!

Much more softball to come! 
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