Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas Afternoon at Emma's

After our fun and surprisingly relaxing morning we headed over to Emma's for more Christmas celebration and dinner!

 These girls were ecstatic to see more presents with their name on it... can I say spoiled. 
 {Stacie, Mike, Drew, Lola, Emma, Ellie, and Tony}

 Dinner! Always delious!
It was a great end to a wonderful Christmas Day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas Morning 2016

Santa came and was very good to the girls! 

As usual I woke up around 5:30 ish and got Tony up out of bed. We had told the girls they could not leave their room until 7:00 am, well when I peaked at the girls (6:47 am) they were so CUTE! sitting criss cross upright in their bed just waiting on us to come get them! 
Time to get this morning started!
 Santa left a note saying "Look Outside"

 AHH!!!! A tetherball!

 Back at it... opening the mound of presents still waiting.
one of their surprise favorites... interior design and fashion design booklets. 

 Sissy Gifts!

 The girls helping daddy open some of his! 

 Their Faces!
 Lap Desks

 The aftermath

 A Christmas Story, cinnamon rolls, and cider time!
 Time to play with all the new TOYS!

 The slinky works down the loft stairs.

Christmas morning is always so special. 
It was fantastic in our new home and kind of made it feel that much more like HOME!
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