Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday Poppi

It was a sunrise weekend get together to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. My dad knew something was planned but had no idea my mom got this cool house and all of us were coming in to celebrate. 
Tony and I stayed in Santa Cruz for one night before the party started. I love Santa Cruz ... probably still my favorite coast line. We spent a few hours together taking it all in before the party started. 

Steamer Lane

We headed to the incredible house in Aptos, that slept all of us with even accommodation for Tony! It was amazing and a perfect setting for the weekend to come. 

The best thing about the weekend is watching the cousins LOVE on each other through play. 

We took advantage of all of us being together to take some family photos- here is a sneak peak. 

You will notice hat this weekend Tony's lap was basically Sydney's!

THI Guy- Christian so cute! 

Evening Beach time with the cousins!!

After the beach- it doesn't get much better then rainbow light in the SPA!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend- coffee on the expansive patio with a view of the Pacific. 

Syd and her Uncle

The actual party day other family joined us! I wished I an actual picture of the Jeopardy game I made for my dad. I questions all the siblings and mom and made a game of Jeopardy that my dad had to compete. It was fun- and we stumped my dad quite a bit with memories. We all took a pole to see how many actual point dad would receive. It was a fun way to roast the old man. 
We also hung 7o years worth of pictures around the place - and left them up the whole weekend. 
It was so fun to walk down memory lane. 

The Koehler kids know how to party!

My Uncle roasted his brother for a bit! 

Missi- came closest to the number of points dad got on the Jeopardy game. 

More wrestling and more presents...

 GG with her crew!

The Gang (Minus Mo- who was with her beloved mom in the hospital). 

The next day we headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with all the kids. I loved this placed as a child and always wanted to the the girls one day. It was great they got to do it with their cousins. 

This guy... that smile

Chilling before we have to head back to reality. 
Auntie Katie working with Ellie on her softball pitch. 

While the kids were the spa enjoys the fir works... the Adults were playing a game. Now this, might just be my favorite memory of the whole trip . We played Card Against Humanity with my parents. Mark, Tony, Shaun, Missi, Katie, and I probably have never laughed so hard in our lives. I only have a video of it and just might post it here...someday. 

Nana couldn't make it, so we stopped by and visited her on the way home! 

What a weekend. I love how my family can get together and have such a great time. So Much LOVE. I love all of them so much and cherish weekends like this. 
Thanks dad for turning 70 so we had a great excuse to get together. 

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