Friday, August 28, 2009

fifth and last official day of STAY-CATION

We started off our last day of staycation by going shopping. There were way too many reasons not to go shopping. 1. We live in walking distance from a great mall 2. mom has a ton of gift cards from her birthday to spend and 3. it's too hot not to be taking advantage of free airconditioning... so we headed out and had a blast.

Little did we know that Lola's birth inspired Marc Jacobs to create a new perfume. It smells pretty nice too, if I may add.

We managed to find some bargains today and also these super cute bows for the girls! (I wanted to put them on right there in the store, since everyone who stopped us said "oh twins, one boy and one girl" I wanted to ask "which one of these babies wearing the pink dress do you think is the boy?" but I didn't and simply said "oh no, two girls." I should write a book of all the comments people say to me when I am out and about with the girls.
Off to the beach... we brought daddy along this time!
Shopping wore them out a bit, they napped as we walked the pier.

Lola put her feet int the ocean for the first time today she seemed to like it!

Ellie on the other hand screamed when I put her feet in the water, I couldn't really tell if she was screaming in delight or displeasure.
After the beach we met our friends Mouse and Carole for dinner at one of the best Mexican places in San Diego "Natti's"
Mouse and Lola

Carole and Ellie

Side note: Lola has found her tongue!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

STAY-CATION day four (kinda)

Well today we broke the first official stay-cation rule, we worked... but we are grateful for the work, so we will just have to make up for lost stay-cation time tomorrow.

We did manage to get out this morning and visit all the nice people at the VA hospital who had yet to meet the twins, it was nice to see all of them.

The girls were hard at work (well play) today too, I have the best viedo of Ellie in the Jumperoo but of course it wont download... I'll keep trying!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

STAY-CATION day three

The theme of today could be summed up in one word RELAXATION

I started the day by finally redeeming a massage gift certificate that Tony's mom gave me so long ago, it was very much enjoyed! We had no plans the rest of the day, but because it was so hot we decided to take the girls for a swim. It gave us a chance to test out the new wagon Kathleen and Monte gave the girls. They loved the ride- they just look so grown up.

Lola was taking the whole relaxation theme to the extreme.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We headed out to the zoo today. The girls have been to the zoo a lot this summer, but today was a little different. It was the first time just the four of went to the zoo togheter. It was really hot, but we all had a fun day never the less.

The San Diego Zoo has a new baby Gorilla, so cute.

Lola, all smiles at the zoo.
Ellie enjoying the day.

The girls got their first souvenir. They loved this Lion from the zoo, it made them go crazy. They just started laughing at it when we showed it to them.- we couldn't resist, they loved playing with it at home too!

Side note...

Ellie somehow manages to get herself stuck in the craziest places. How do she get under there?

Monday, August 24, 2009


Since it's a bit hard to travel these days and summer is quickly ticking away, as this is my last full week before work starts up again- Tony and I have fallen for the latest trend in vacation travel- we decided to take a STAY-CATION. Our plan for day one was to sleep in, take the girls swimming, have a BBQ and watch a movie. Well the girls slept till 8:00 today, so yes we were able to sleep in a bit later than usual! Sun and Swimming here we come.
Tony has not started a book since the girls were born. Today he started reading Lisey's story by Steven King- He's in heaven.

The girls and I had a ton of fun in the pool with their new floaty- It was a hit!

One of my all time favorite passtimes is to lay poolside soaking up the sun, reading a chic magazine or a cheesy novel, and drinking a margarita. I thought those days were over, at least for the next five years or so. Well, today I found out that that was not the case. The girls took a little snooze in the stroller so I got the chance to just lay out, read a mag, and sip well not on a Margarita but some water out of a sippy cup. Hey- I'll take it!

Lola's taking after her mom!

Fun time on the grill, Thanks Amy for the great burgers.

Lemon drops were good too, but I would not recommend the movie- Pineapple Express two thumbs down from this end- I'm sure I'm in the minority on that one.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, I do have a sister?

The girls were just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon... Mom just had to snap a few shots!
The girls are really starting to interact with each other. Tony and I think they are actually starting to realize there is another baby around.

Lola was being so silly!

Ellie was being so curious!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Look what we can do!

The girls are mastering the art of holding their own bottle... They still need a little assistance but we'll take what we can can get!
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