Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baptize Me!

Today was a very special day, Lola and Ellie got baptized!
Tony and I set a very practical goal and that was to get the girls baptized before their first birthday; we did it with two weeks to spare.
Drew and Sara processing as Godparents to Lola with Pastor John Bombaro
Mark and Missi processing as Godparents to Ellie

The girls were very good in the beginning, they seemed to like all the attention.
Well at first anyway...

They lasted through the baptism in their Godfather's arms but quickly ended up in mine -two crying babies amplified with echos isn't soft on the ears.

Me, Tony, Lola, Uncle Drew, Aunt Sara, Emma, Poppi, Grandma Mar, Ellie, Mark, Aiden, Missi

Ellie in Wonder
Our angelic Lola

We celebrated with a beautiful lunch, Thanks Robin!

The girls got their first taste of cake today, Yummy!

What a beautiful day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

cute chairs...

Grandma Mar and Poppi are down for a visit and they got the girls these super cute chairs. Ellie was already reading in hers and Lola was jumping around and cuddling in her!

So cute together!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy girls!

"Mom, I don't care if I am wearing a dress...I'm still going to practice my toe touches!"

Lola is getting good at stealing dad's remote!
(note: Lola is wearing my baby shoes, I went to put on her other dress shoes this morning and she no longer fit into them so I tried these on her and it worked, so sweet!)

Ellie is a total walker now, she doen't crawl much at all anymore

Lola and Ellie were playing together so well today! Look at them playing in their stroller, can you imagine this shot 16 years from now but instead of a stroller it's a car, ahhhhh!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simple Saturday!

The girls had a great Saturday yesterday! It was the first sunny and dry day in a while.
This picture might seem strange to you. Why do I want to remember this simple breakfast out? Well if you can believe it, this is the first time since the girls have been born (yes almost a year) that just the four of us have been to a restaurant. Tony and I have been out, the girls and I have been out, and the four of us have been out with other people there to help, but never have we been out in a restaurant just as a family. It might not see that incrediable unless you are familiar with our situation. I am glad that I concurred my fears and took the plunge. The impossible is not so impossible! (yes, Tony did manage to get breakfast too!)

Yummy eggs!
Yummy Waffles!

Off to target...

This is how Ellie rode all the way through Target. Tony was in heaven. Ellie absolutely loves riding on her daddy feet. She screams when we try to take her off and she hold on so tight that we don't worry about her falling. Needless to say they got a ton of attention!
(Check out the video below).

No pictures of the park, but the girls has a blast and I am sure it felt good to play outside, since they had been cooped up all week.

Uncle Mark stopped by for a visit! Ellie being the dare devil again and Lola just loving her tickles!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dancing Queens!

Our girls are turning into little dancing queens!

Today after I got home from work I turned on the tunes for the girls. They got a cute new pink IPOD and pink IPOD speakers for Christmas from their Aunts and Uncles. Once the music is on, they start dancing- it's the cutest thing. Ellie was really into it as you can see from the second video, Lola got a bit board after a few songs and just wanted to watch her sister dance. Tony hopes "So You Think You Can Dance" is still a hit show when the girls are 16!

We call their moves the: 'Lola bounce' and the 'Ellie sway'

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eleven Months

Yesterday the girl's turned 11 month old. I think we can officially start referring to them as toddlers not babies (but I might hold off just one more month). Enjoy these shots from the yet again humorous monthly photo shoot!
Ellie & Lola

The girls are really coming alive these days. They hold full on conversations with each other, are wrestling and chasing each other down. They are dancing to any music they hear and they are even trying to crawl up onto daddy lap independently. They are learning to walk and eating almost everything. They are growing up before our eyes.

This video below shows Ellie walking. Ellie is walking about 25% of the time and crawling the other 75%. Lola is walking about 10% of the time and is crawling the other 90%. Lola's ratio makes it very difficult to get her on video but I will keep trying.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picture of the day!

I love this picture, I just had to post it!
Lola on the left Ellie on the right

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

to be a kid again!

check out this video of the girls entertaining themselves, too cute!


On Sunday I met my friend and her little boy Declan at Gymboree class. This was the first time the girls had been to Gymboree, I think they had a blast. I had to wake them up form their nap to make it to the class on time so they were a little tired at first but then they were non-stop after that. When I am off work for the summer the girls and I will have to join so they have that much fun more often!
Lindsay, Declan, Jamie, Micha, Lola, Stacie, & Ellie
The girls loved the bubbles!
What great climbers. Lindsay's mom helped me keep track of both the girls, it was definitely a two person job! Thanks Mimi!

What Fun!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A day at the park...

It was a beautiful day in Southern California... 70 degrees and sunny. We feel for all of you who are freezing and up to your ankles in snow! Don't worry we are not taking this weather for granted, we spent the afternoon at the park and took a walk by the bay. I know you have see pictures of the girls swinging before but this time daddy was with us and he had a blast helping his girls swing.. they had a blast too!

Daddy and Lola

Daddy and Ellie

For the walk we made the girls wear their charger gear... they just got these new beanies for Christmas. Just in time to support the Chargers in their playoff Journey.

(how funny is this... Ellie is trying to steal Lola snack after she finished hers)

(It was just too hot for the girls to want those beanies on!)

Ellie has the mechanics of swinging down already, look at her legs go!

baby Bryce

Tony's friend Chris stopped by to watch the BCS championship with his family. This is his new little boy Bryce. Though the girls have seen him a few times before they were more intrigued this time. They wanted to play with all the toys he brought! Tony simply wondered how a Miami Dolphin's blanket and fan was allowed in his home.
Go Chargers!
Bryce, Ellie, and Lola
Lots of firsts are happening very early in 2010. Ellie crawled up onto her dad's feet yesterday all on her own. She is so daring, but it was cute how hard she was trying and when she made it up she just hugged her dad. Ellie is Daddy's little girl already!

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