Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today I married my best friend! I cannot believe it has been 4 years already! We have been through so much together yet have so much to look forward to. Thank you Tony for making me so very happy. I love you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BBQ Sunday!

We headed over for a BBQ at Kathleen and Monte's house. It was super fun, the girls played, ate a ton, and they absolutely loved playing hanging with the doggies!
Kathleen "Kaps" with Lola and Ellie

... so good she had to share with daddy!
Lola was shy with "Max" at first ...
... but soon they became best of friends!

Thanks for a fun day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

BEST park ever!

Last week a few friends and I took our kiddos to the BEST park ever! (the Cameron YMCA in east county) There was this huge playground in the middle of a kid pool with water shooting out in every direction. The girls absolutely loved sliding down the slide into the water-they have never smiled so big! The pool also had a beach like entrance... the loved being able to just walk right into the water with no help.
They are such Water Babies!

Lola and Ellie fueling up for more water play with some PB&J

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach day with the Uncles

Uncle Shaun is moving to the east coast, so he came down to spend time with all of us before he left! We will MISS him, but we are so glad we got to have a ton of fun before he left !

All the kiddos making sand castles!

My bros: Shaun and Mark!

I helped the girls play in the sand and
Shaun helped all the kiddos find sand crabs... they caught so many!
Cousin Aiden and Uncle Mark
Lola was crazy about the water and Uncle Shaun was there keeping her from just running in!
Ellie preferred just to watch sissy play in the waves with Uncle Mark!

Poor Aiden got the attach of the sand.... we buried up to his neck!
So cute..... Shaun and Lola... we can't wait to visit you and Katie soon, we love you !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silly Girls!

The girls are having quite a bit of fun these days and they keep us smiling!
I found this funky head scratcher that actually tickles while cleaning out a drawer that other day, the girls absolutely loved it. It was so cute how they would react when we tickled them with it!
Just look at this face, how can it not make you smile?
Ellie was trying to escape the tickle torture...
Ellie was very focused on enjoying our homemade Lolly-pops made from water and apple juice! Ellie loved them Lola hated them.
Caught you Lola!
Look what I found when I went to check on the girls (I swear I was gone for like a minute) she thinks the splash table is her bath.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The first Mezzadri twins!

The blog is entitled "Mezzadri Twins" I have totally neglected to introduce you all to the first set of Mezzadri Twins (twin cats that is...) The girls (Xena & Roxy) were so cute snuggled together on our bed I couldn't help but snap their picture! These poor cats, they have been quite neglected this past year and a half - for good reason- but I think they have found ways to cope with the lack of attention, just look at them!

little buggers...

The other day Missi and I took the kiddos to the zoo. It was super hot but the kiddos had a great time. Here is Aiden and Lola disguised as bugs :)

and Ellie kissing her bug for a sister!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Luau!

The girls hosted a summer Luau for all their friends today. They picked the perfect day. The sun was out but not too hot! The girls started off the party in their cute Hawaiian outfit
(Thanks Melissa) and then spent the rest of the day in their bikinis swimming, playing, and eating with all their friends. What a fun day.
I made these cupcakes to go along with the Luau theme....If you can't tell it's sand/water/and a fish swimming....
We snaked the perfect spot at the pool, with some shade and steps from the shallow end.
(as you can imagine my hands were full so I didn't get many good pictures of all the girl's friends but here are a few)

Even little 3 month old Joseph made it to the Luau!
Play time!
ellie, bailey, declan, aiden
lola, ellie, bailey, aiden
Amy & ella


My girls cannot go anywhere without the proper attire, and since we were headed off to the PARK they must have all the essential accessories needed: stylish shades, designer (tinker bell) handbags, and dress up shoes!
I promise you I did not assist them in their wardrobe... my only contribution was their jumpers! True Fashionistas!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There is something so magical about having twins (it's really indescribable), but when I get the opportunity to spend time with just one of them, I soak up every minute. Ellie took a marathon nap today which allowed about 2 hours for Lo and me to hang out. It is amazing how they are different (no better, no worse) just different when they are not with each other. Lola was the center of attention for two whole hours and she loved every minute of it! We got to play 52 card pick-up (which is by far her favorite game), practice her somersaults (she did one on her own today), and have an impromptu dance party to Oprah's music show today (Lola loves the Black Eye Peas!).
She melts my heart!

16 month check up

Yesterday we had the girl's 16th month check up. Overall, all went well! They both received two shots. This was the worst of the doctors appointments thus far. They are becoming more aware of why they are there and even crying when they are getting weighed and checked on by the doc. :( but at least if all stays healthy we will not have to be back to the doctors until the girls turn two... :)
Lola Grace:
23 lbs
31 inches tall
5oth percentile
In perfect health (we are so thankful!)
Ellie Francesca:
19.3 lbs -still cannot turn her car seat around :(
29 inches tall
10th percentile
In perfect health (again we are so thankful!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

First Camping Trip!

warning... super long post!
Poppi is in the driver seat of his motor home.... taking his twin grand babies on their first camping trip. Ellie is acting as his co-pilot. We are heading up to Cloverdale for a week of fun!
Grandma Mar prepared lots of good meal for all of us... Lola is helping her prepare this meal! What a big helper Lola

Lola would not put down her blankie the entire week... she was a bit like Linus in Charlie Brown, as you can imagine it was so dirty by the end of the trip.
The first night we had a campfire. We rosted marshmallow and ate smores. The girls didn't partake ...maybe next year!
Haven, Auntie Mo, Me, Lola, Aiden, Poppi, Athena, Grandma Mar, Ellie

Uncle Matt teaching Aiden to make smores...Aiden was a good student!

Our Cabin.... Mo and I shared this cabin with five kiddos.... Man did the cousins have fun! Needless to say Mo and I didn't get much sleep, by the end of the week Mo was sleeping in the Motor Home, but we survived!

The Cabin had a great Porch swing which helped put the little ones to sleep!
Good thing .... because they were so tired from staying up to late jumping on the bed....
and hiding between the bunks....
By the end of the week the kiddos grew. Austin and Travis are Athena and Haven's cousin and the other guy (far right) in the picture we don't really know, we think he was from the next store camp site :)
We spent many hours playing at the pool. Though on this trip the girls preferred to play on the pool deck and not in the pool, Who knows?
Ellie trying to sun bath!
Lola all smiles in the sun!

Ellie did let Poppi take her swiming for a little bit.
Aiden found this cup of worms the first hour of the camping trip. They became his appendage. Everywhere Aiden went, the worms were sure to go! What a cutie!
Ellie's new word in swing, that is all she wanted to do. She woke up in the morning saying "swing, swing" We spent a lot of time at the campground playground. Athena and Haven loved to push them!
Ellie and Lola were well taken care of by their cousins.
Lola and Haven

Aiden and Ellie

Athena and Ellie
Most of all we just had fun spending time together, relaxing, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Thanks Grandma and Poppi for a great week!

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