Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bye to summer....

How do I know we had a great and super fun summer?
1) My summer chore to-do list is not nearly complete.
2) Both the girls and I have substantial tan lines and Tony is as dark as ever.
3) My work out regimen went to the way side.
4) All of us are tired as hell and think mom going back to work will give everyone a break!
This summer we had a blast, got to see so many friends, family, and make great memories. The girls grew leaps and bounds and I fell that much more in love with these two little Angels being home with them 100%. I report back to the classroom tomorrow, but my job is great and hours are not bad and hey we live in San Diego, it's practically summer all year around.
Here are some pics of our last hurrah at Sea World... What a blast!

The New Horizon Dolphin Show was spectacular.

Lola LOVED this ride!
The Bay of Play at Sea World is a kids heaven...
Our Friends from Sesame Street were there....they both were a bit scared to meet them but after we left Ellie kept saying "Hi Elmo" Below Cookie Monster, Elmo, & Zoe are all crying because the girls don't like them :(

Play, Play, Play

(do you notice that both the girls are getting streamed in the face)

Play Hard, Sleep Hard!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chill'n in Balboa Park...

I am definitely soaking up every minute I have left of Summer Break. This is my second to last day before I have to report back to work. Man did this summer go by fast (that's what happens when you're having so much fun).
We started out the day at the playground in Balboa Park, then while strolling around Balboa Park we found this cool little ride that the girls loved, and then of course we had to head over to the train for a ride around the the "little village"
Lola and Ellie take on the Purple Dinosaur.
This Airplane went around and around (they picked the plane over the butterfly to ride).

Me and the girls riding the train.
Tony & I found our way into a picture today!
....off to Sea World tomorrow to enjoy the last official day of summer break...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Videos

These girls have learned the "Wiggle" dance from watching "Gabba Gabba" Ellie will start to say wiggle and then Lola will join in with the motions it is so cute!

Uncle Drew brought over this 'toy' the other week. Yes it is a half blow up stadium that says Coors Light (it was from Uncle Drew's work) and it is one of the girl's favorite toys to date. Thanks Drew!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fishies & Friends

Today we spent the afternoon at the Stephen Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. The girls were very fond of some exhibits and scared of others. At first they loved all the fish and were very curious about the huge fish tanks, but then I think the darkness of the tunnel and some of the strange fish spooked them a bit... not to mention the stories their dad was telling them about the sharks that were hanging from the ceiling. Ellie kept saying "shark bite" after daddy scared them a bit with his antics... hey that's what dads are for right? They both learned a few new words today, whale, shark, star, & fishies. The mantra today was "Hi Fishies, Hi Fishies" so cute!

Ellie was daddy's girl today, she figured out that if she sat on her daddy's lap she was level with fish and could see them better. While inside Lola was attached to me the entire time.... she was a little spooked!

The girls loved this tank- it was full of so many bright colors and cool fish!
The aquarium has a nice lookout point and Lola was gazing at the ocean -probably wondering why WE weren't swimming instead of watching all these fish swim!
Ellie pointing out something very important to her daddy.
They even got to touch a star fish!
Lola loved the tide poles outside the aquarium.
The girls topped their day off by going swimming and eating dinner with their friend Bailey... nothing cuter than three little girls in diapers!

Lola, Ellie, & Bailey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 months....a year and a half

Lola and Ellie turned a year and a half yesterday. I can't believe it! They are 100% toddler at this point. They are consistently full on energy, are learning new words daily, and are continuing to become more individual every day!

As of now Lola's absolute favorite thing to do is swim (in any body of water). She is so daring and has absolutely no fear. She loves the slide and is 100% independent on any play structure. She can navigate the stairs and obstacles on her own to get the slide. She is also my cuddle bug, she is such the lover. She loves to kiss and hug her sister and her mommy and daddy.

For Ellie her absolute favorite thing to do is swing. I cannot say the word park without her screaming "swing" and running into her room to grab her shoes. She is so excitable and so very observant. She is much more fearful than her sister, possibly because she thinks too hard about the obstacle at hand. She is talking up a storm at a year and a half. I can't even give an estimate on how many words she says but it must be like 40 or 50 (basically she is a parrot she says anything). A few new ones are; Cheerios, coming home, ride daddy, diapers, hold you, get you, and exciting.

Here are a few shots we captured the last few days of our angels at 18 months.

Lola kissing sister

Little Monkeys

What a smile elle!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chocolate Face

Ellie took liberties with the chocolate covered pretzel she shared with her sister. She must have thought I gave her a tube of lipstick. I watched as she took the pretzel, sat on the deck in the sun and as the chocolate melted off the pretzel she would rub it on her face.

Lola on the other hand, did not waist a bit of the chocolate- she enjoyed every bite!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day at the bay!

The other day we met some friends at Fanuel Park in Pacific Beach. The girls love this park because it has a huge playground with lots of slides and swings and it is right next to the bay! Can't get much better than that... sliding, swinging, and swimming all in one place.
Lola was having a grand ole time.... just look at that smile.

They wore themselves out... I took this picture of them even before I left the parking lot!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Day for Ellie!

Ellie is now officially a Big Girl! Today we moved Ellie into her big girl car seat! She was SOOO happy. When she walked into the van she saw both of the car seats turned around, she started screaming/laughing and jumping while pointing to her car seat. She kept saying "mommy, daddy, and truck" while we were driving because now she can see everything that Lola has been seeing for the last 6 months.

She is so HAPPY!
Lola is happy to have her sister turned around too! She now has a signing/dancing partner (check out the video below)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy and fun few days!

We went to the Wild Animal Park with one of Tony's long time friends from high school and his family. They were in town for the weekend and were so excited to get together and let out kiddos play together.

Look at the baby Rhino.. so cute (it was just 2 weeks old)
Elle & Lo loved the Rhino!
Jen, Maya, Marc, and Jason
All the kids loved to ride the train and see all the animals.
The girls and I meet my long time friend from high school, Anida and her little boy Kaiden at Pretend City. Pretend City is an inside playground which is a perfect mini city! They have a mini garden, post office, art room, store, firehouse, police station, and beach. The kids had a blast and wore themselves out- to say the least!

Kaiden, Anida, and Lola doing stamp art.

Kaiden is teaching the girls how to drive.
Ellie & Lola
This was Lola's favorite activity, she might take after her Uncle Matt and become a fire fighter.

What cuties: Kaiden, Lola, and Ellie
My bestie, Sarah and her friend Josh came into town for a visit. We went the beach for some brunch at our favorite place World Famose and some playtime in the sand!
Lola, Stacie, Sarah, & Ellie
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