Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beating the Heat!

Look I can swim!
The girls are becoming very confident in the water and starting to show off their moves. They are getting a lot of practice due to the super hot weather. 100 degrees in SD today. I am not complaining, I will take the heat, if it means we can hold onto summer just a little bit longer!
Check them out in the video below.

Their new favorite thing... taking a rinse off after their pool session... who can blame then it just too much fun to shower outside!

We wish summer would never end!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend at Lake Arrowhead

We headed up to Lake Arrowhead with our friends, Kathleen, Kevin, and thier little one Bailey, this past weekend. We were able to stay in their parents cabin, which worked out so perfect. The girls has so much fun staying together. The first night they stayed up until 12:00 just playing, which is a huge deal because 7:30pm is late for our girls. I guess we can consider it their first slumber party! Here are some pics from our rleaxing yet wild weekend.

The Cabin

The three musketeers enjoying breakfast in their PJ's on the porch

We headed to downtown Lake Arrowhead for the afternoon!

Kathleen and Bailey

Ellie and Daddy walking.

Ellie discovered a funny mirror... she got a kick out of it!

Kevin and Baily riding the carousel...
all three of them hated the carousel ride, they were a bit spooked.

Beating the afternoon heat back at the cabin, nothing better than Popsicles and a blow up swimming pool.
Bailey loves blueberries

Three munchkins eating like big girls.

elle, lo, & bay
What a great weekend! Thanks Kathleen and Kevin for fun memories!

Monday, September 20, 2010

fun night in....

The girls were so goofy and fun tonight, they played non-stop! They played with each other so well, climbed up and down on daddy, danced to Monday night football, hid in boxes, ripped up magazines, wrestled with mommy, and played long jump in between furniture. They laughed so much tonight I bet their throats will be a bit sore tomorrow.
The simple nights like this our my very favorite!
I love our little family of four!

Friday, September 17, 2010

19 months... ice

I can't believe the girls were actually sitting side by side long enough for me to snap a few shots. They were actually participating in their newest favorite pastime- eating ice. They will stand next to the fridge and say "ice, ice" and so I give them a plastic cup with crushed ice and say "outside." They go outside together, sit down and enjoy their treat.
My beauties at 19 months!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday Night Football!

Family of Charger Fans!
Even though the Charger's didn't win on Monday night, the girls still looked cute in their Charger Cheer outfits. Tony's cousin Joanie got the girls these outfits before they were born...we couldn't wait until they fit into them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Lola has a new favorite pastime, taking pictures of her family.
She will hold the camera up and say "Cheeeeeese"

Bathing Beauties

It can't get much cuter than 3 little toddlers all in the tub!
Ellie, Lola, & Bailey

Too Much Fun!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Grandma and Poppi's weekend

My parents came down for the long weekend. We all had so much fun and did so many things. We went to the park, swimming, shopping, to the Zoo, and much more!
Lots of Morning cuddles for Grandma
Lot of Ellie screams for Poppi (she did come around the last day of their visit)

Lola loves playing Legos with Poppi

too much fun! Aiden gave the girls his first bike (the girl's love it)

They also loved playing at Aiden's house with all his toys!
Day at the Zoo

Ellie and Mommy

mark and Aiden hanging from the elephant's tail.

Elle, Lo, Aiden (hiding), Grandma Mar, and Poppi riding the Polar Bear

too cute, these sisters held hand throughout the zoo, check out the video.

Train ride with Poppi... Ellie finally came around and let Poppi play with her!

Two divas, Auntie Missi and Little Lola headed out for a shopping trip.

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