Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was all inspired by our family bug theme and created these treats for the nights festivities!
It was very fun to create these yummies!
Out on the streets for some Trick-or-Treating!
Debbie, Missi, Aiden, Kathleen, Bailey, Tony, Ellie, Karly, Stacie, Lola.

Ellie, Mommy, Lola, Emma, & Auntie Sarah

Aiden, being brave standing next to the spooky piano player.

Lola and Emma

Daddy taking Elle on a Trick or Treat ride!
This Halloween Season was so much fun!
I feel like we did so many fall and Halloween activities. Both Tony and I had a blast showing our girls a good time,
but we are ready to take a break and relax a bit.
We hope you all had a wonderful and fun Halloween!

Our Halloween Pumpkins!

When decorating our pumpkins, I tried to get as creative as possible without actually having to carve out the inside of the pumpkin. So I found this kit that taught you how to carve off the skin of the pumpkin to create a design then paint Glow-in-the-Dark paint on the carved out section to illuminate the design. I thought they turned out pretty good (for my first attempt at this technique anyway).

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party!!!

The Mezzadri Family...aka family of bugs... headed out this afternoon to a toddler Halloween party at our friends Melissa and Brandon's house. It was great! All the kids and adults were dressed up and ready to have fun!
Ellie: Bumble Bee, Lola: Lady Bug, Mom: Butterfly, Dad: Spider
(Ellie kept calling daddy, the itsy bitsy spider)

Melissa the witch and her son Brady the tiger!
Kathleen and Bailey the Dragonfly
Amy as Snooki from "The Jersey Shore"
Leslie the Greek goddess and Joseph tiger number 2
Pinatas and lots of candy!
Lola figured out this game really quick and came away with a huge bucket full of candy!!!

She was not going to let anyone take her stash!
Ellie took her fair share!

Lola and Ellie pushed Ella, the little Nome, around the yard forever
What a fun Halloween thus far and it's not even 10/31 yet!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PJ Pics...

The girls have been a bit under the weather these past couple days... as a result they have been very cuddly.... especially with each other!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Toddlers say the cutest things…
here are some examples of what they are sying these days:


“Night night spooky.” (referring to the skeleton hanging in our family room)
“Where did daddy go?”
“Ice wader please!” (Ice water Please)
“I dun wan it.” (I don’t want it)
“Treaty kiddy” (treats fir Kitty)
“Bee Boos” (yes, for Boobies)
“I luv voo” ( I love you)
“Daddy kisses”
“Hold you, Please mommy”
“tickle you” (tickle me)
“yo-gut please” (yogurt please)
“go park swing”


“I faww.” (I fall)
“hold you, hold you.”
“ice, ice, ice, ice”
“shoes on, shoes off”
“Bye, Bye mama” (as she grabs her purse and walks to the door)
“I get it.”
“throw baww” (throw ball)
“bite please”
“ice, outside please”
“sissy crying” (Ellie aka “sissy” is crying)
“more, more, more.”
“Pak, sliiide” (Park, slide)
"Cheese!" (while holding up a camera)

I love their little voices and how much we can see their personalities through their newest form of communication. Each and every day is a new phrase! It is so exciting to watch them develop their own expressive language skills and use those skills for a purpose.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvest Festival

There is an annual Harvest Festival at the elementary school where I work. We all headed out for the festivities. The girls got to do a trial run on their Halloween costumes (with a few glitches I must fix before next weekend). It happened to be held on Aiden (my nephew's) birthday, it was so sweet, he thought this was a party just for him, and why not let him believe it! All of us , including my best friend Sarah who was down for the weekend, had a blast.
Mark, Sarah, Aiden, Tony, Ellie, Lola, Stacie

Kinda of a blurry shot, but Aiden was having a blast playing the carnival games and winning a lot of prizes!
The girls were having a blast too, decorating (and eating) cookies!
ellie & sarah
mom & lola

Sarah and I decided to dress up with the girls we both were butterflies and the girls of course were a ladybug and a bumble bee.

One of my students was in love with ellie and got a kick out of the fact that they both were bumble bees- we had to snap a picture.

We calmed the kiddos down with a display of bubbles after we took all of them for a walk down the HAUNTED HALL! All the kids were so spooked (hey I even got spooked a bit, it was that elaborate). At one point Mark lost Aiden because he took off running when he saw a huge mechanical moving dragon blowing smoke. Our girls were holding onto to us for dear life. Good news, we found Aiden and Lola and Ellie were full of smiles a few minutes later.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day at Bates Nut Farm!

My mom, aka Grandma Mar, came down for the weekend so we headed out to Bates Nut Farm on Saturday afternoon. We all had a great time!

Tony, Stacie, Aiden, Grandma Mar, Lola, Ellie, & Uncle Mark

Lola having a ball while her blankie was getting the run around in the dirt.

Ellie loved the animals !
They all had luck feeding the goats kernels of corn.

We took a break in the shade and listened to a great band while Ellie got her groove on.
Pumpkin Patch Fun!
Lola Grace
Ellie Francesca

Mezzadri Family
Missi, Aiden, & Mark

Grandma Mar and the girls in the wheel barrel with all our pumpkins!

daddy and Lola

Ellie Belle
Uncle Mark, Ellie, & Aiden satisfied with their pumpkin choices and all ready to go home and carve them up!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Party!

What a fun day, our friend Lindsay hosted a toddler pumpkin party. The girls had a blast! They got to play bean bag toss with the homemade jack-o-lantern, play with Friends, and paint their very own pumpkins!

Lola loves painting!

Ellie loves painting too, she just hated the paint getting on her hands!

Lola, Ellie, Declan

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