Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We headed up to my brother Matt's house in Santa Rosa for Thanksgiving. The day was great, they pulled off a great feast and fed 32 family and friends.
It was a fun evening full of great food and good times!
Mo (my sister-in-law aka Auntie Mo) and the turkey
Uncle Matt carving the bird
Ellie and her buddy Cousin Haven, me, and Lo
Mo and Stace
Great Grandpa, Poppi, Lynno (my uncle), and GG
Ellie and Uncle Matt, she loves her uncle Matt!
Crazy Face Elle
Yummy... Elle Cuddling with daddy
Cousin Athena helping Lola enjoy her Thanksgiving feast!
What a big Thanksgiving!
Ellie scarfing it up
Desert Time! Uncle Jeff (AKA the baby whisperer) and Grantie my Aunt Robin
The girls sure did enjoy their desert! Big day for these little girls.... nothing better than a Grandma's lap!
Happy Thanksgiving, Hope you all had a great one!

Black Friday
All the girls headed out to the mall to try and snatch up the great deals. We all slept in too long for the really good deals but we did catch a ride on the mall train as well as enjoyed a good lunch together!

Great Grandparents!

While on our Thanksgiving trip up to Northern California we got a chance to visit with the girl's Great grandparents on my side. It meant so much to me that my Grandparents got a chance to spend some quality time with our little girls.
Here are Great Grandpa and GG Koehler playing "kitchen" on the floor with the girls!
Yummy "GG's cooking"
Ellie, Mom, Lola, Great Grandpa & GG Koehler
We also got a chance to visit "Nana" Wonsetler my mom's mom.
Yummy "Nana's Eggs"
What a great time spent with great family!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To grandparents house we go!
The girls did so good on our long drive home. Here they are after the stop for dinner. All ready with their PJs on and cuddles blankets in hand to sleep the rest of the way (which they did).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking Good, Ladies!

All Girl (most of the time)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sea World Fun!

First and foremost on this Veterans day I must thank all the men and women who served and are serving in the arm forces! It is because of your sacrifice that we are able to live free in the most wonderful country on earth. THANK YOU!
In honor of all of our veterans the public schools were closed, so I got the day off work. Tony and I took the girls and Aiden to Sea World. It was such a FUN day! We started off at the "Bay of Play" the best play park in all of San Diego. We started off riding the Rocking Eel. All of the kiddos loved the ride, they were putting their hands up in the air and everything. After that the girls played on a bouncy playground while Aiden climbed in the jungle of ropes (so fun for a four year old). Aiden acted like such a big brother to his cousins, see the pics below.
Aiden and Ellie
Aiden and Lola
Ready to ride the 'Rocking Eel'

After a big snack and some more playtime we were off to the Shamu show, which all the kids loved too!

Daddy and Ellie (ellie was really into the show, she kept chanting Shamu)

Mommy and tired Lola

Aiden and Auntie!

Too Cute!
Our house is only about 5 minutes from Sea World, even so, the kiddos couldn't stay awake for that short amount time, they were worn out! Tony and I sure know how to tire out some toddlers. But I also can say that some toddlers know how to tire out Tony and myself. Both Tony and I took maps while they napped!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It never fails...each and every night when I go into the girl's room to check on them they are sleeping like this! They are always sleeping at the edge of their crib closest to their sister. Never once have I checked on them where they have been on any other part of their crib. It is amazing the natural bond between twins. It seems that they take extreme comfort in each other's presence when they are awake or sleeping. This observation makes me wonder when we switch to toddler beds if they will end up in each other's bed... time will tell.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bye Bye Binkie Party!

It was time!
Our Lola is almost 21 months old and was still using her Binkie. It was such a habit for her, I really do not think she even needed it. Last week we started the Bye Bye Binkie Bucket and every time I would find a binkie I put it in the bucket. The whole week we did not mention the Binkie or promt Lola in finding her Binkie. All of a sudden we realized that Lola wasn't even asking for her binki and it had been 4 days since she had used it. So we thought today would be the perfect day to throw her "Bye Bye Binkie Party"

We got the girls some gifts, an elmo camera's, auto-go cars, and some books and planned on giving it to them after Lola threw away all her binkies.
Lola was so mature about getting rid of her binkies. We had Lola carry the bucket of Binkies out to the dumpster and personally throw them out!
There was a bit of trepidation but she did it... I lifted her up and she poured all her Binkies into the dumpster and waved "Bye, Bye"
In the processes of dumping the binkies into the dumpster she dropped one. She tried to pick it up and put it into her mouth, but I said"No, that Binkie has to go Bye Bye too." She seemed to understand and threw it in with the others!
We brought the presents outside and made a big deal about what big girls there were and how they deserved big girl presents. Oh Man, they loved their new toys.

Ellie wasn't quite sure what all the fuss what about, she just knew she loved the "Bye Bye Binkie Party too!"
"Now we can see Lola beautiful smile all the time! We are proud you Lola!

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