Monday, February 28, 2011

New gifts and New cuteness...

I guess the Lola & Ellie's birthday is never going to ends!
They continue to receive such sweet and fun gifts!
GG and Great-Grandpa sent the perfect winter attire, it gives us every excuse to head back up to the snow!

I think the girls are waiting by the door in their gear to give us a hint that they might just want to go back to the snow, so they can sport their new fits!!
On the contrary, we received some gift cards from Grandma and Poppi and we were able to get a head start on summer shopping... summer never can come fast enough for mom... and the girls! They were so happy to get their suits on, just look at their smiles. They were ready to head out to the pool and jump right in.

(sorry a bit blurry, but too cute)

While modeling their suits, Lola stole daddy's mouth stick that he uses to operate his computer. It was so cute that Lola was trying to be like daddy and operate her computer the way he does.
I am a bit excited about these hats I found for the girls at a huge steal, of course the girls had to have the sunglasses too! I also posted this picture because I can actually see myself in Lola, for once I can say I think my daughter actually looks a bit like her me.
The girls also got a knew write and wipe arts and craft table that can fold up and go anywhere. They loved it!
I can officially say our girls are spoiled by all of our great family and friends!!!
Thank You, Thank You!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Night-Night Books & Prayers

Below is a video that was too cute not to post!


The girls experienced the snow for the first time today. Since we all had today off, we headed up to the mountains east of San Diego. Below is just a snapshot of the beautiful scenery we got to experience, Lake Cuyamaca. It was a great day!
The girls were so happy!
They knew exactly what to do, they dived right in!

...and they even knew how to start a snow ball fight. Here is Lola throwing a snowball at daddy.
Swinging in the snow, it doesn't get much better than that!
The girls were so glad to have their Uncle Drew with them to play with!
Ellie and Mommy all bundled up...

We left the playground and headed up the road to find some deeper, cleaner snow. Ellie did not like walking in the deep snow, her feet would sink in the snow and get stuck, it scared our Ellie a little bit! Because of that, she ran to her Uncle Drew and would not let go!

Eventually, they warmed up to the deep snow a bit...

Together we created a tiny snowman
Lola loved it so much she started eating it.
... and once the girls found out that snow was edible and basically they were in a field of ice and could eat as much as they wanted, they were all about it!

They even took snowballs to-go and ate them on our way down the mountain.
It was a super fun leisurely day and to top it off we got to stop in Romona at a great Taco shop for Lunch!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lessons Learned

Since the girls turned two this week, I have been reflecting a lot on the past two years. I realized that I have learned many, many things. First and foremost, I have learned that I am a lifetime student and my children are now my teachers! I have learned that toddlers should always eat topless- it saves many loads of laundry, I have learned that my daughters have multiple identities and can transition between them at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. I have learned that my children's voices are the sweetest sound I look forward to first thing in the morning, and that their laughter is my best medicine. I have learned that I would rather go to the park than the mall any day, and that my girls are dare devils. I have learned that it is okay to substitute my arm workout with pushing toddlers on a swing for an hour. I have learned that you should never feed toddlers spaghetti if you are having company over that same night. I have learned to never leave sharpies lying around the house and to always close my laptop when I am finished using it. I have learned that one of my favorite pastimes is reading bedtime stories to my girls while cuddling with them. I have learned that when change happens it is harder on mom than it is on the girls-they didn’t cry when we broke down their cribs and passed them on to their little cousin. I have learned all the names of the sesame street characters and have realized that they are my daughter's friends. I have learned that my children will do anything, I mean anything for chocolate milk or M& Ms. I have learned that it is essential to always have chicken nuggets and frozen Mac’ N Cheese in the freezer. I have learned that taking a nap is a luxury I will never again take for granted. I have learned that my Ellie is very ticklish under her arms and that Lola will laugh if you even show the littlest sign that you are going to tickle her. I have learned that toddlers learn from example and that I must, must be cautious of everything I do and say, I have learned that Lola and Ellie are always listening to what you say but do not always do what you want them to do. I have learned that the phrase “hold you” can be my favorite phrase and my least favorite phrase. I have learned that there is simply not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done, but I have also learned that the dishes will be there tomorrow and that having a clean house with two toddlers is almost impossible-so don’t try so hard. I have learned what a great father my husband is! I have also learned that Tony’s wheelchair is a great stroller and also a great spin ride. I have learned that being a mom is the ultimate gift, it is not easy by any means, but it is worth all the sacrifice! I have truly learned how fast time goes by and to try and always live in the present. Ultimately, in the past two years, I have learned what unconditional love is and I have learned again what I have always known, that God is good and children are one of God’s best and greatest blessings! Here is a verse that I have learned to live by these past two years and will continue to let guide my journey with parenthood: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will guide your path.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Lola and Ellie, Thank you for being my teacher!
I love you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lola and Ellie!

I took today day off work to help the girls celebrate their 2nd birthday!
It was such a great day!
The girls got a few gifts from us for their birthday. Quite a while ago the girls got this easel from our friends Kathleen and Monte but no that they are a little taller we decided to set it up for them on their birthday and we stocked the easel with paints, paper, chalk, and smocks. They also got piggy banks...which they were VERY excited about! They kept saying "I'm saving money" when they would put their pennies in it...we're teaching them good habits early.
A Yummy birthday breakfast of cinnamon rolls!!
Smocks on... and ready to paint! Sissy hugs for encouragement.

After playing and relaxing in the morning we headed out to the "New San Diego Children's Museum" with Daddy and Emma. This place was great, I think the girls had a ton of fun. Ellie kept saying "no go home" every time we would leave one exhibit and go to the next. Because we had such a great time we ended up getting a year pass to the museum with the girl's birthday money they received from Cousin Joanie!!! Thanks Joanie, we get to have fun all year!
Lola and mommy are molding clay!

PAINTING!! (Twice in one day, lucky girls)
In the evening we went to dinner with Uncle Mark, Auntie Missi, Aiden & Liam at Smash Burger. Great time and Great food!
and Yummy Frozen Yogurt for Desert.
The Cousins are definitely enjoying their birthday desert!
Happy Birthday baby girls, we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.
Looking foward to another fun, exciting, and great year together!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Diego Botanical Gardens

This Sunday I got to spend the afternoon with my friend Lindsay and the girl's buddy Declan. We went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful park with many fun things for the kiddos to do!
Here they are playing in the water.
Declan, Ellie, Lola
Lola loved the train!!
The had this life size doll house with a kitchen, couch, and table. Ellie was fixing all of them lunch. She kept saying "Declan, Lola, come eat"

Tree House Fun House!
Even a mountain spring to play in!!! So much fun!
Our little Explorer, Ellie!

Lola, our boat captain!
Hiding out under the tree, gosh to be a kid again!

I definitely recommend the San Diego Botanical Garden! I did not get to see half of it and can't wait to go back again. The park was so beautiful, the gardens so peaceful, and the attractions for the kiddos were so fun!

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