Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paparazzi, park, and parties

Yes, my child leaves the house almost daily looking as if she is trying to avoid all the Paparazzi waiting outside, desperately wanting to get just one glimpse of Miss Lola!

She is definitely preparing herself for something...just look at these shots...

Ellie is taking a few tips from her sister!
This weekend has been great fun!

Grandma came down to spend time her grand babies...

we headed to the park yesterday morning.

The girls love when Uncle Mark pushes them!

Lola and grandma Playing in the sand pit.
Liam... too cute... and Uncle Mark
After the park and naps, our little divas hit the town and headed to their friend Declan's 2nd birthday party and the YMCA Gymnastics center- it was a blast! (Grandma went too!)

Happy Birthday Declan!
Foam pit with Uncle Mark..Yeah!


There is the birthday boy in the superman suit, enjoying his cupcake!

Of course the girls, aka paparazzi avoiding divas, had to get some pampering in after a big day of play. They talked their cousin Aiden into painting their toe nails.
What a day...our girls need their beauty sleep for sure!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picassos in the making....

The girls absolutely love to paint!!
We experimented with finger painting the other day- they had a blast!

...little did they know that they were creating mom's new kitchen art work!!
True artist in the making!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We've been busy... much so that I have not had much time to blog!

For starter this has been one of the first Saturdays in quite sometime that we just stayed home and got to relax. The girls and I had a fun time just playing around the house.
...we colored a is always ellie request that I draw fish from Nemo...
we did tons of puzzles...

...and the girls made mommy breakfast for a change...

...of course we read a lot too... Lola's favorite are Dr. Susses

Next the girls have been preoccupied with making cupcakes for each other ...

and filling daddy's lap with all their stuff animals...

Lola has spent a lot of time perfecting the skill of applying make-up!

Last weekend we headed up to Irvine to meet my friend Anida and her son Kaiden.The kiddo had a blast together!

Lastly, mom needed to get a new car -so the girls spent some time helping me pick one out!

This is the one we all decided on.
The girls like that it has a ton of buttons and a sunroof to see the birds and airplanes and mom and dad like that it is 2008 with only 13,000 miles on it and it was in price range!
Busy days- it come with the territory, but I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nemo Craze!

Ellie absolutely loves the movie Nemo, she wants to watch it every day (of course we don't let her). But when she watches Nemo, she becomes hyper focused on the movie, as a result she has memorized some of the lines! Listen below, it's so cute!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elmo's Back!

Bailey, who is one of the girls' best buds, has a birthday only one week after the girls. So Bailey's mom Katheen and I decided to host a party/playdate with our group of friends in honor of all three of the girl's birthdays. This was a great idea! All of the kiddos had a blast. Kathleen rented this AWESOME Elmo jump house. It was a huge hit! (yes that's Lola's tushie hanging out of the tent)

The birthday girls are partying it up,
Bailey is in the background and Lola and Ellie are in thier Elmo shirts.
It was a very relaxing, laid back afternoon!
Many friends came and enjoyed the fun!
...but enough relaxing, back to jumping...
Lola and Ellie are tackling thier cousin Aiden
Mom and babies are joining in!
...cake time, yes the girls were lucky enough to get a second birthday cake...
Happy Birthday Bailey!
the girls are getting a bit too good at the cake thing
...enough eating, back to jumping..

I had to add these last two pictures to let our little friend Brady know we missed him.
He moved away a couple months ago, but we got to play with him a few weeks ago when he come down for a visit!
We played a game...
How many toddlers can you fit on a plastic picnic table?
Joseph, Bailey, Lola, Ellie, Ella, Brady

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