Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paparazzi, park, and parties

Yes, my child leaves the house almost daily looking as if she is trying to avoid all the Paparazzi waiting outside, desperately wanting to get just one glimpse of Miss Lola!

She is definitely preparing herself for something...just look at these shots...

Ellie is taking a few tips from her sister!
This weekend has been great fun!

Grandma came down to spend time her grand babies...

we headed to the park yesterday morning.

The girls love when Uncle Mark pushes them!

Lola and grandma Playing in the sand pit.
Liam... too cute... and Uncle Mark
After the park and naps, our little divas hit the town and headed to their friend Declan's 2nd birthday party and the YMCA Gymnastics center- it was a blast! (Grandma went too!)

Happy Birthday Declan!
Foam pit with Uncle Mark..Yeah!


There is the birthday boy in the superman suit, enjoying his cupcake!

Of course the girls, aka paparazzi avoiding divas, had to get some pampering in after a big day of play. They talked their cousin Aiden into painting their toe nails.
What a day...our girls need their beauty sleep for sure!!

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  1. Grandma had so much fun and can't wait to see you soon. Love you soooo much
    hugs and kisses


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