Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Sunday!

What a perfect picture to start my Easter Sunday post.

Of Course the Easter bunny came and his eggs in Grandma and Poppi's yard, so everyone was up bright and early to find them.

Here is Auntie Mo with baby Liam. Liam wanting so bad to help hunt for eggs but he does look very content being held and cuddled.

On the HUNT!
Lola Grace... PJs and All

Ellie Francesca and Aiden Joseph

Haven Noelle and Little Lo

Grandma helping out too!

WHAT! The Easter Bunny left baskets too? Yes, more candy!

Off to church in our dressy cloths to celebrate the Real reason for Easter, that Christ has Risen!


This last weekend we not only celebrated my mom's birthday and Easter it was also my grandfather 90th birthday!

Great Grandpa turned 90 years old this month. What a life he has lived this far. He is such a wonderful grandfather. He is so caring, supportive, and involved. He loves his great grandchildren and he has so much fun with them!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

My Grandpa with all his sibling who made the trip to help him celebrate the big day. My Grandpa is in the center with the blue shirt!

The he is standing as the patriarch among the Koehler boys....four generations!

The Koehler women... four generations.

What a fun filled Easter Sunday and weekend. I am so glad that my girls and Tony got a chance to experience my whole family and all their fun!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sibling Love!

So this was a moment two years in the making. All four of us sibling and our spouses have not been together since my brother Shaun's wedding, which was before the girls were born. All four of us enjoy each other's company and have been close our entire lives, but location keeps us from spending as much time together as we would like. So we took this opportunity to go out have fun together. After Mom's birthday bash last weekend we headed to Dave and Busters and had some all American fun!

Stacie and Shaun

Katie and Tony

The boys playing some sort of "Man's Game" it was VERY intense as you can tell!

Ski ball is one of my faves!

Mo on Air Hockey... my very fave. I played twice and lost both times :( I am a bit rusty these days.

ALL THE GIRLS: Maureen, Stacie, Missi, and Katie

ALL THE BOYS: Mark, Tony, Shaun, and Matt

THE WHOLE GANG...I love this group!

Birthday Bash!

My mom, aka Grandma, turned 60 this year. In honor of her, all her kids and grandkids came home to celebrate. We all worked with my dad to throw her a spectacular party on the Saturday before Easter 4/23!
She had a blast!

My cousin's fiance made the cake.

Maureen "Auntie Mo" made the favors.

She was welcomed with a party hat, some bling, and a fancy glass filled withsome spiked punch!

Our master chefs!

My dad put together a slide show of her 50 years, it was a great look back!

Gifts, Gifts, and more Gifts....


Crazy Kids!

Mark, GG, Grandma Mar, Nanna, Great Grandpa.

What a great party in honor of a great woman!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My big bro came down to SD to visit and brought my beautiful nieces down with him. That makes six Koehler cousins together in one place... all having a great time. It was a super fun afternoon and full of so much fun! The laughter was so real and so uplifting!!
This is how the day together started...

So sweet it is!

Haven 6, Athena 8, Liam 4 months, Aiden 4, Lola 2, Ellie 2

Fun with Chalk...The Koehler Cousins are very creative!

Liam was enjoying the fun times too!


...Ashes Ashes, they all fall down!


They worked up a huge appetite. All the kiddos eating on the kid table- can you imagine the conversation they had during dinner? They all settled down and cuddled in, with their milk and Shark Tale the movie.

AHHH...All my nieces and nephew decided to gang up on Aunt Stacie... I'm not as agile as I used to be, that's for sure!

Story Time!

Precious moments...unforgettable memories!

Lola and Ellie's first slumber party!

This is how the night ended... as you can imagine there was lots of giggles before all of them crashed from pure exhaustion. What a fantastic day!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Just had to share this picture!

Too Much fun with Uncle Mark!

Uncle Mark, Aiden, Ellie, & Lola

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came Early!

Today we got to celebrate an early Easter with Emma, Uncle Drew, Auntie Sara, and some friends (we will be with my parents next week on Easter). We got all ready and met at Emma's church for Palm Sunday mass.

Just look at these faces!

Lola & EllieHere's Ellie not giving the CHEESE face she loves to do (my little cheese ball) Hugs!

and Kisses!
The Mezzadri Family!
Stacie, Ellie, Emma, Lola, Tony, Drew, Sara

The Easter bunny left baskets!!!
with lots of candy, Ellie took her basket and hid to eat the loot!

Emma has two tree swings and the girls love to swing in them, they can swing for hours.

Lola went so high! She was higher than the house.
Ellie was having a blast too!
The Easter bunny hid eggs too!


They managed to find ALL the eggs!

They soon found out that M&Ms were hidden inside the plastic eggs. They were on a mission to open as many as possible and eat those M&Ms!

Lola was pooped after all the hunting and eating.
Yummy Easter lunch/dinner!

What a great day!

Thanks Emma for a fun early Easter celebration!

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