Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came Early!

Today we got to celebrate an early Easter with Emma, Uncle Drew, Auntie Sara, and some friends (we will be with my parents next week on Easter). We got all ready and met at Emma's church for Palm Sunday mass.

Just look at these faces!

Lola & EllieHere's Ellie not giving the CHEESE face she loves to do (my little cheese ball) Hugs!

and Kisses!
The Mezzadri Family!
Stacie, Ellie, Emma, Lola, Tony, Drew, Sara

The Easter bunny left baskets!!!
with lots of candy, Ellie took her basket and hid to eat the loot!

Emma has two tree swings and the girls love to swing in them, they can swing for hours.

Lola went so high! She was higher than the house.
Ellie was having a blast too!
The Easter bunny hid eggs too!


They managed to find ALL the eggs!

They soon found out that M&Ms were hidden inside the plastic eggs. They were on a mission to open as many as possible and eat those M&Ms!

Lola was pooped after all the hunting and eating.
Yummy Easter lunch/dinner!

What a great day!

Thanks Emma for a fun early Easter celebration!

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