Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been looking forward to this spring break for quite sometime! Work has been a bit busy and Tony and I have been even busier with the daily routine-as you could imagine. My first priority was to get in a lot of family time and spend many hours playing with the girls. Our first outing was Sea World, it is guaranteed fun and FREE, what can be better. The girls were fascinated with all of the blooms at Sea World .

We did manage to steal them away for a show or two and a little time at the "Bay of Play"
I love taking the girls out, but what I think I enjoy the most is just staying home and doing the simple stuff...pretending I am a stay-at-home mom, like fixing a hot breakfast for the girls in the morning. French toast in one of their favorites (I think they simply like licking the syrup off the bread if you ask me).
We managed to get some crafting time in too!

The girls loved this and actually did a pretty good job!

Our first homemade Easter decorations!
Lola still can't get enough of mom's shoes, she is so good at it now she can match the correct pair of shoes and put them on the correct feet. If she keeps this up she might be more comfortable in heels than her mom.
We got a new comforter, so of course the girls had to try it out first! They rolled around and played on this blanket for a half hour straight. It is so nice to watch the girls start to play independently (without mom and dad) with each other. The other day Ellie says "I love you, sissy" and Lola says back to her "I lub you too" TOO CUTE!

Check out the girls playing their own game, I am spying on them behind the door.


Tony and I did manage to sneak away for a night, alone with no kids. We headed out for two days and one night of relaxation. We went to Anza Borrego, we thought we might catch a little bit of the desert bloom but pretty much missed it by a week or two. No worries though we spent our time, laying by the pool in the 80 degree weather, sharing a nice dinner and cocktails sleeping in until 10:00am, and to top if off Tony treated my to some Spa treatments. It was a much needed getaway. Tony and I felt refreshed and ready for the daily grind again :)

What was left of the bloom, still beautiful!

Yes Dad, I did manage to get some of those much needed home projects started.

Project One: I did a lot of touch up painting all around the house as well as painted the girls' bathroom. This was the one room that has not been painted since we moved in, it was in dire need. I prepped the room the night before and managed to paint the whole bathroom, ceiling and all, during the girls nap time. It doesn't look much different but I can sure tell!

Project two: I got a new/antique vanity a while ago -that I absolutely love-and have not gotten a chance to really fix it up. I still need to find a good size mirror to work with it but at least the stool and table are in working condition and some good wood glue, sanding, and some hammering.
Project Three: Lastly, I have cleaned the garage out enough to actually park my car in it. You see ever since the girls were born I have not been able to park in garage because of all the extra stuff that come along with twins (it needed to be stored somewhere). After a garage sale this summer, two pick ups from salvation army, and some reorganization -I am now able to park my car in the garage!!!
I love breaks- I can't wait to see how much I can get done over summer... haha!



  1. YEA what fun you are having i miss you soo much.
    I am happy to see you get you car in the garage. can't wait to see you all. Have a wonderful week Love the video Lola and Ellie you look like you were having so much fun and love the dresses you has on they look nice.
    hugs and kisses

  2. Looks like you had a GREAT break ;) Love the picture of Lola in your shoes - very impressive!


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