Friday, May 13, 2011

funny sayings...

Lola has a new saying these days… “I love you soon” she says. When I leave for work, I always say to the girls “I love you and I will see you soon” Lola has condensed my saying and made it her own, it is so cute. She will say it to us when we tuck her it at night or when every we leave.

Ellie has made up her own unique phrase too! “Fickle Five” Don’t ask.. because we don’t know…but every time she reads a magazine or one of our books she pretends she reading and says "Fickle five." I can’t wait until she is old enough to let us know what that means.

“Oh My Goodness” Is a very cute saying that both of the girls tend to use when they are surprised by something or when we do something funny for them.

I can’t even begin to list all the things the girls are doing and explain how fluent the girls are becoming with their words. They are so cute how they talk amongst each other and are able to communicate their needs and want to us as well. I am sure every parent can relate how amazing it is to watch your babies turn into little children with their use of language. Our girls use of expressive language continues to amaze us everyday and at the same time pleases us to know that they are developing, growing, and able to communicate effectively. Now if we can just get them to use their words instead of throwing two-year-old tantrums, that would be fantastic!

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