Saturday, May 21, 2011

Videos Galore!

The girls have been doing so many new and cute thing lately, I can't help but capture them on video and share them with you all!

First, The girls used regular toothpaste for the first time the other night. They were so excited to actually spit for real. We have been practicing spitting with the training toothpaste, but this was a bit more exciting!

Lola is very much into cleaning... which I am not complaining about at all. I had just finshed cleaning the kitchen counter and washing dishes, Lola begged to help me. So I set her on the counter and off to work she went. p.s. When you watch the video listen to Ellie singing in the back ground , you might have to turn up the volume, it's so cute!

Here Lola is again cleaning ...

So the girls and I went to Toys R Us yesterday, I had a coupon and wanted to get some new puzzels for them. The girls had a differnt idea, they wanted to play in the doll isle the whole time. Well needless to say the girls got spoiled yesterday. We have never really taken them shopping and had them pick out something, so it was fun for me too. They picked out these babies that cry. They also got a little highchair and cradle for hte baby. Here they are taking care of their new babies and being such good mommys.

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