Friday, June 24, 2011

choo, choo... All Aboard!

The girls are finally back to themselves... so we decided to make their day and take them on the trolley! They were SOOOO excited, they kept saying "Choo, Choo, All Aboard" all day. Ellie was so excited she couldn't even nap. Here they are anxiously waiting....

They got their tickets and are ready to go!
Pure Glee!

The stations were filled with excitement and the girls we so curious!

We took them to dinner downtown after our trolley ride, look at this big girl catching up on her reading.

Lola is just waiting patiently for her food.

So Tony has the girls convinced that Mr. Waternoose from the movie Monsters Inc. lives in the gutters, every time the girls see a grate in the street they must stop to check and see if he is there. They yell down the whole "Mr. Waternoose" Downtown San Diego has quite a few of these grates so you can imagine home many times we had to stop.

The girls definitely enjoyed their second ride on the trolley, but they stated that next time they would like to ride the "Blue one" aka the Coaster. We will have to plan a ride on the Coaster this summer!

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