Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

First I must say that Happy Father's Day to my dad! I hope you had a wonderful day, I missed you! Thanks for being the best Dad ever!

The girls have the best dad too, so they wanted to be sure he knew how much they loved him. The girls and I spent Saturday afternoon making a daddy a special desert for Father's day!

Of course they had to sample the topping just to be sure it tasted okay!

The girls also made their daddy this great poster! We hung it on the door for daddy to see it first thing in the morning. "Happy daddy's Day" was their mantra all day, it was so cute.

Daddy's girls took him to breakfast to his favorite doughnut shop! I'll say the girls enjoyed it too!

daddy doing what he does best to make Lola laugh!

but a parents job never stops... Ellie started to get really sick in the evening and all she wanted was cuddles.

In between taking care of sickie, we did manage to celebrate a little bit with a BBQ and some presents... Tony's girls gave him an IPad for Father's Day! He was very spoiled indeed but deserving of it all.

Thanks sweetie for being such a great dad to our little girls!

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  1. I love all the things you girls did for daddy. lola and Ellie you have one special daddy and mommy. It was awesome to scyke tonight and see you all love you bunches.
    hugs and kisses


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