Friday, June 17, 2011

New wardrobe addition!

The girls got a new and exciting addition to their wardrobe... big girl panties. I am not sure Tony and I were ready to start the potty training endeavor this soon into the summer, but the girls practically started potty training themselves, so we couldn't deprive them any longer. For about the past week or two, anytime we are at home and the girls feel the urge to pee they run into the bathroom and go potty on their little chairs. Needless to say they have been spending most of the time at home naked, so we felt it was the next step to get them some big girl panties. Yesterday Tony took them to Target and the girls picked out Yo Gabba Gabba panties.

We had fully intended to do the three day potty training method (which we still might do) where you stay home, hunker down, and focus on potty training only. For now we are just encouraging and reinforcing it when we are at home and we will see how it goes. For now it has been great. Today the girls were in their panties all evening and neither of them had accident both had went pee twice on their own in the potty.

I do have some adorable pictures of the girls in their new big girl panties, but since this is the Internet... I will take the conservative side and not post them, but trust me they look so cute!

We will keep you posted on this new endeavor!

1 comment:

  1. WOW what big girls you are.Grandma will get you some awesome panties also and send them to you. I love you both so much.
    hugs and kisses


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