Thursday, June 16, 2011

Successful Surgery!

I was able to check off one of the items on my summer to do list. I had my sinus surgery yesterday and it went very well. I was a bit tired last night due to the Anestassia, but the doc said everything went great and I should be feeling some relief soon. The best part of the day was how the girls greeted me when they came back from a day of fun with Kathleen. Thank you Kathleen for taking the girls for the day so I could rest up!

Both Lola and Ellie walked in and just stared at me as could be expected, I did have gauze taped under my nose to catch any drainage. They didn't know what to think of their mom. They knew I was going to the doctors to get my nose fixed so they weren't all that surprised- all morning yesterday Ellie and Lola both kept saying "Mommy go to doctor, get nose fixed" so cute. Anyway, they walked in and just stared at me so curious and Ellie said "Mommy, take your nose off" So I took the gauze off and then Ellie put her hand on my chin and said "Chin up, I wanna see" Lola was just happy to see me and gave my nose some kisses and said"Mommy, feel better"

By tomorrow I will be in full on summer mode!

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  1. Yes Praise God for a successful sugery. I can just see the girls and what they thought of mommy. I thought you would put a picture of you in the bolg. Love you much give lola and ellie hugs and kisses from grandma


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