Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Vacation Review!


This place ROCKS, for families like ours! We pull up, the tent is already set up- all we have to do is unload the car and start having fun!

The girls loved it... but when Lola first got in the tent all she could think of to say was "Mom, there is no TV is here." Not my proudest parent moment, I'll have to say.

I became a pro pretty quick at making a camp fire, so it seems (no one new except us that I used a Duraflame to help start the fire) I know it's cheating but hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

The girls got pretty good at making smores ... and eating them too!

Camping offers a lot of down time for strolling, playing, and of course swinging!

The girls LOVED this tire swing! The tire swing made Tony and I reflect on playground from our youth. You never see tire swings anymore and what ever happened to merry-go-rounds?

This camp ground even had a swimming pool, the girls were in heaven.

Lola is amazing in the pool these days! She is completely independent with the floaties on and swims all around the pool, she is even able to get out on her own without using the steps... very proud of our little water baby!


The campsite was located a short bike ride or a very short car ride in our case from our campsite (just a mile or so). It was a beautiful beach and a great way to spend one of our afternoons!

I believe Lola is on a Mission this return all shells and rocks back to the ocean where they came from.

Ellie loved the little tide pools!


On the way back from camping in Santa Barbara we stopped for a night in Santa Monica. Tony was always interested in seeing some LA beach towns so we stooped by. The first night we headed out to the famous 3rd avenue Promenade. It turned out to be a super fun evening. It was nice to do the opposite from "roughing it" We shopped, ate a nice dinner, and enjoyed eating ice cream and sipping hot coco.

So I think we watch too much TMZ... BOA restaurant is always featured on the show so we had to snap a shot.

My little shoppers!

The next day we headed to the Santa Monica Pier for some fun!

Family Fun!



beach fun at the pier too!

This was our first attempt at a family vacation with just the four of us, and I can say we all had a blast! The girls were flexible and just went with the flow. Tony and I have taken away a lot of great memories from this trip, we are so glad we attempted the task!

Potty-training trip update. We only had two accidents the whole time, once Lola peed while napping in the car (can't blame her for that one) and one time I won't mention which one peed their pants during a tired induced tantrum. So overall I think we can say the girls are potty trained during the day and are wearing pull-ups during naps and night time.

There is always a famous quote or two from a trip like this and I would have to say it came from Ellie. When asked what she liked better Santa Barbara or Santa Monica? Ellie replied "Santa Clause" ...hey it makes perfect sense to me, good answer Ellie!


  1. Wow! What a fun vacation! I'm so impressed that they are potty trained :) I need your cliff notes!

  2. looks like you had an awesome time. love you all


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