Wednesday, August 31, 2011

last minute summer fun...

We managed to fit in one more play date before summer (well mom's summer anyway) was over. We spent yesterday morning at a splash park with Declan and Lexi. It was a great day of fun in the sun!  
 The girls have had a lot of fun with each other around the house too!
They are starting to really play together all on their own,
it's so cute to sneak peeks at them when they are playing together.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Slumber Party

Since the end of summer is fast approaching, Tony and I decided to go out in style and have a slumber party with the biggest party animals we know- OUR DAUGHTERS! We pulled the mattresses off the bed, popped the popcorn, turned on the movie (The little Engine That Could), threw all rules and structure aside and had a great time. I don't think Lola and Ellie knew what to do- they were SO happy. The girls love when there daddy gets out of his chair on sits in the couch, they get so excited, but when they found out dad was joining the slumber party too, and sleeping on the couch, they were ecstatic! I have to say this goes in the books as one of the best family activities we done thus far!

PJ Patrol!

These ladies are ready to party!

yes, we let them jump on the "bed"
there were no rules this night!

Daddy's girls!

Morning, aftermath!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

beach and more beach!

 Family Beach day... Tony and I took the girls to Pacific Beach on Thursday, our days left of summer are numbered so we're taking full advantage of every minute! Most of the beaches these days have these super cool mats called "Mobile Mats" They allow Tony's chair to glide right onto the sand! It great that the girls get to share some beach days with daddy too!
No, Lola is not running from the White Shark that was sighted just one mile up the coast, she is just playing with the waves, but yes the life guards closed off the beach while we were there due to two shark sightings, CRAZY!!!!

The girls loved walking on the pier, Ellie was fascinated by the ocean that lay just below the planks.

 On Friday we met Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi at Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside- It was a great beach and a super fun beach day for the kiddos!
 Ellie had the most fun hanging out with the babies, she is going to be such a sweet mommy some day,
 she was very concerned with Lexi and Kylie the whole time!
 Lola on the other hand just wanted to play with the boys!
I'm going to miss these beach days come next week
when I have to report back to work!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Close Call...

On Monday we had dentist appointment scheduled for the girls. To make a long story short there was a mix up in scheduling and we had to re-scheduled for Wednesday morning.  So since we had driven up to La Jolla just for this appointment, we decided to stick around and make a day of it. We shopped a bit, took the girls down to the beach, and then had lunch at Smash Burger. All the while Lola had her "BLANKIE" in tow. This is the "BLANKIE" that Lola has used for comfort and security since she was three months old.  After having this in-prompt-tu fun day we headed home... all except "BLANKIE" of course.

When we all got out of the van, I whispered to Tony "Have you seen Lola's you know what?" We both just looked at each other in panic. I frantically searched the van, our bags, and Tony's wheelchair. My heart sank, I can't explain how sad I was at that moment to think that Lola security blanket was gone forever. I surprised myself with the emotion- I just pictured it laying on the beach getting picked up and thrown out. But while I was looking for it, Tony was calling all the places we had been that afternoon- Let me tell you Daddy saved the day and I'm sure many tears, Lola left her blankie in the booth at Smash Burger and not the beach like I had feared. 

So that evening it became a joke to Lola that her "BLANKIE" had to spend the night in the restaurant with all the french fries, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Lola thought it was great that her blankie was going to get eat as many fries as it wanted.

Needless to say the "Blankie" is safe and sound back in Lola's arms. Let's just hope that doesn't happen again!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On any given Sunday... might find these little cuties cheering on those San Diego CHARGERS!

The love for football starts at an early age in this family-
With this cheer section the Chargers are bond to have a great season!
CHEERS to the start of football season!
(yeah, I know it's just pre-season, but we're all a bit excited)

Homemade Play-dough

The other night I was making Turkey Burgers for dinner and while making the patties I used my hands to mix the meat and seasoning. The girls wanted nothing more than to help me! Well I didn't want them actually touching the meat, so when I was done I looked up my play-dough recipe and let the girls have at it! I will tell you after the 10 minutes or so prep time it took to make the dough, the girls played independently with their homemade creation for almost an hour-definitely worth the investment! I think they loved being a part of actually making the dough, it made it more interesting for them!

This book is awesome if you have toddlers. It has a ton of great ideas for home are projects that are experimental and hands on, this is where my play-dough recipe came from.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Freinds! yes we made it back it town, and picked up right where we left off... 
Our friends Melissa, Brandon, and Brady were in town from San Louis, so we all got together for swimming and dinner! It was so cute to watch the kid chaos ensue on our evening!

Mel- it was great to see you guys!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


 Day FOUR & FIVE: The girls and I went camping in the Santa Cruz Redwoods with Poppi and Grandma. I think that I will always be amazed by the massive size and beauty of these trees.

This creek was a short walk from our campsite, I could not believe how much fun the girls had in the creek. Lola walked all the way across the creek on her own,  Ellie floated leaf boats down stream, my dad and I skipped rocks, and all of us had fun playing in the sand!
 After doing a mile or so hike in the redwoods we ended up in "Roaring Camp" The girls got to see this huge train and play in a train jumpy-too much fun!
Thanks Grandma and Poppi for taking us camping and for spoiling us rotten!


 Day THREE: We woke up after a very late night of dance parties and movie watching, cooked breakfast with the cousins and headed out to this super cool park that had a train, pony rides, ice cream, a lake, and a splash park! All four of the girls had a blast! 

Lola, Mommy, Haven, Ellie, Athena, Auntie Mo, and Uncle Matt.

CHOO, CHOO All Aboard!

Their first Pony rides...Daddy they're not allergic- NO hives :)

My brother the geese whisperer- and look daddy we found Rocky in Santa Rosa too!
 Day TWO 1/2: After napping on the drive home from My brother's house, We made it home just in time for a family BBQ with  Great Grandpa, GG, Nana, Grantie, Uncle Jeff, and Auntie Ashley.
 All the family enjoyed playing with the girls... it was so great to get everyone together.

"Mommy I need a break, so I'm going to hide out in this box for a while"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day TWO!

 Day TWO: The girls and I spent the morning with my one and only Uncle "Uncle Lynn" He is a car nut like my dad and the girls loved it. They loved playing with all his trucks and of course his real race car!
Thanks Lynno and Ashley for a fun morning!

Day TWO 1/2: The girls are getting used to napping in the car on this trip. So as they napped, I drove up to Santa Rosa to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and two beautiful nieces. The girls were really looking forward to the evening and of course the sleepover.  

A super cousin Dress-up Dance party... can't get much better than that!

While Haven went to Gymnastics practice, Athena, Lola, and Ellie made desert- it was a fun and messy process!

With a day like this much needed clean-up was necessary... how cute are these four little cuties in one tub!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day One!

The girls an I are on a trip to Northern California to visit my family for a week. Tony stayed at home this time. We miss daddy a lot and he misses us too. So my photo packed posts are my attempt at keeping daddy updated on all of our adventures day by day.

Day ONE: pic-nic with Poppi at the park!

mommy got in some of the pics... we had fun playing the creek, floating leaf boats down the river, and feeding 'Rocky' the chipmunk, bread.

 Day ONE 1/2: After naps we headed back to the park to meet my friend Jay and his daughter. The girls had a blast the second time around because they had a person their age to splash in the creek with and make funny faces with!  

These girls are in for a busy week... Tony I'm afraid your girls might come home very tired!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Birthday...

 Last week I had a birthday...won't mention how old I am,  but I will say I am still in my early thirties though I may not feel like it at times.

Tony planed a great day for my actual birthday, we had a leisurely morning, enjoyed the race track in the afternoon with Mark and Missi (though we didn't win),  and dinner at PF Chang in the evening.

I celebrated with  Tony family the night before. They took me out to dinner at Nati's in Ocean Beach and then home for yummy cake and presents.

My birthday celebration continued into the weekend. My girlfriends took me out for a very fun might of great food and too much wine! It is always great to get away and have a little girl time.
Amy, Kathleen, Amy, Stacie, and Leslie
I always feel so blessed when my birthday comes around, thank you all for making it so special!
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