Thursday, September 29, 2011

tiny dancers and singers- Videos

Our girls are quite the hams these days,  just check out the videos.  I swear they learn a new song everyday! and they  are completly obsessed with "The Fresh Beat Band" They can't help but dance through the entire show.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

catching up...

My work weeks and weekends have been super busy (hence the lack of attention to this blog the past few weeks). I think things are starting to settle down a bit. But even though we were busy we still managed to have some FUN!

the girls named these "Beach Treat" since we made them for our trip to the beach, they are so easy to make and super good!  

Lola and Ellie make great taste testers!
Beauty Shop Time
Ellie got her first real (well mommy) hair cut. She liked all the attention and was fascinated with the new-du. I had to even out her hair, I probably should have taken her in to get it cut, but couldn't justify paying someone to do what I could do in 5 min.
Visit from Grantie and Uncle Lynno
My Aunt and Uncle came down for a visit, the girls had such a great time.
We were actually having so much fun that these are the only three pictures I got from there stay (Grantie-Ill have to be better with my camera next time).
As you can see the girls loved the cars they brought as well as wrestling with Uncle Lynno.
We also went swimming, to the park, and had a BBQ.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer's final fling

We headed to Coronado for a weekend at the beach with the whole Mezzadri family.
It was our last hoo-rah before we fully submit to fall and say farewell to summer  2011. We all had a blast, hanging on the beach, playing ball, finding shells, eating bad food, flying kites, sleeping in, 
going from room to room,  and just being together.

Our first night there was Emma's birthday!
We celebrated with a nice dinner and good cake (just ask Lola).
The girls got a chance to try out there new tee, they got really good at making contact and fielding the ball!
...our little natural athletes..  
A walk on the beach turned into a starfish rescue!
simple, beach,  fun

Tony made it on the sand this weekend by a self designed sand ramp (Thanks Henry!).
Yummy Beach BBQ which included a sunset bike ride, can't beat it!
I was never much of a kite flier when I was a kid... but when two little girls are counting on you to make the ladybug fly so they can chase the tail, you better do it! With some tips from daddy and
auntie Sara we got it up and made the girl's day.
The girls worked hard and managed to collect a lot of loot!
in total 15 sand dollars, two very beautiful shells with live animals inside,
and plenty of mussels shells that shined the girls favorite color-blue.
I have to say this trip was the perfect way to conclude a wonderful summer! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


 I rarely ever blog about how the girls twin ship affects them, but lately Tony and I can't help but notice how fortunate the girls are to have each other. We notice that when they watch a movie they always choose a seat w right next to each other despite the fact the whole couch is empty. Their beds are pushed back together (upon their request) and every night we hear them chatting together for a while before they eventually fall asleep. They feel for each other when one gets hurt and laugh at each other when they do funny things. They share, they fight, and they make-up. As a parent I feel so lucky to witness this bond. Being a Twin is something so special and I am so glad my girls get to experience that bond.... and hey even at an early age they get to do each others make-up...

This scene made me flash forward to their prom or wedding day when they are doing each other's makeup while laughing and having fun!

I love having Twins!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

refelcting on a great summer gone...

Since today was my official first day back to work, I had to look back at our to-do list for the summer to see how much we accomplished. I'd say we did pretty good! We managed to potty train the girls, do some home projects, play a lot, and have fun. We did put a few things on the back you can tell by the items that didn't get crossed out.

1) potty train the girls
2) re-do our other bathroom (it's in dire need)
3) go on a mini vacation with just our family of four
4) spend many days with the girls doing nothing but toddler fun!
5) catch up on some much needed play dates
6) finally finish my on-going garage make over
7) stick to a fitness/work out plan-
8) get the girls swim lessons
9) spend as much time at the beach as possible -my goal is to get on my surf board at least once this summer
10) cook real dinners for my family (I've been slacking lately)
11)relax, slow down, and take it easy (what ever that means with two toddlers?)
12) Also, I have sinus surgery planned the day after school gets out... that is my ultimate goal to- rid myself of my sinus problems once and for all- I have had constant reoccurring sinus infections for the past six months...fingers crossed.

Really  bummed that summer is over but it is always nice to be back to a routine and there is a lot to look forward to in the comming months, not to mention our upcoming trip to Coronado beach for the weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

 Day at the Bay!
We spent Saturday afternoon at Fanuel Park playing in the water, sand and on the swings.
My parents came down for the weekend to share in all the fun. The girls loved having Grandma and Poppi around to play with. Bailey also joined us for the day at the bay!
The Boogie Board was a HUGE hit, we have some surfers in the making!

Grandma got pretty good at digging sand holes.
It was a great day!
 After a crazy Sunday, spending a few housr in the ER with Ellie after she had a bad fall (she's fine now)... we found our way back to the water but a little closer to home this time.
FUN at the POOL

Thanks Grandma and Poppi for helping us having a great weekend.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

first charger game!!

Tony was SO excited to take his little girls to the Charger game for the first time. So last Thursday we took the girls to the last pre-season charger game against the 49ers. Tony went to great lengths to get the girls excited about the game and it paid off, they were simply gitty. We tail gated in the parking lot with sandwiches and snacks. The girls absolutely loved the tour daddy gave them of the stadium lot. Tony took each girl around the lot on their own to take it all in. They came back and were so excited to tell me about all the "bolts" they saw, the fire truck and ambulance, the charger girls, and all the cars. The girls also loved walking into the stadium, they were taken back by the music and excitment. It was really great to see the Charger game through the eyes of a child.

We lasted into the second quarter, by then the girls were done- it was a half hour past their bed time and the stadium was getting a bit loud for them (hence Lola covering her ears in the corner picture).
It was a great evening!!!
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