Sunday, October 30, 2011

Party Animals!!!

Party I
Last week my nephew Aiden turned 5!
His parents hosted his big birthday party at a place called "Air Time" Oh My gosh it was so much fun, even for the adults. (I even came away with battle wounds). On the way home the girls said they wanted Aiden to have another birthday tomorrow and that they wanted to have their birthday at "Air Time" too (we'll see). I don't blame them.
(toddler + free for all on a ton of jumpies = kids Paradise)
Happy Birthday Aiden- We love you!

Party II
Last Sunday my Friend Lindsay who's blog I stole these pictures from (I forgot my memory card)  hosted her second annual pumpkin party. The kiddos got to paint pumpkins, eat lots of sweets, and play some fun Halloween games. Lindsay is so creative, just look at her desert display!
All the honored guests engrossed in making the perfect pumpkin.
Party III
This party was just for mommy! Since we've been full force into work for two months now, my fellow co- workers and I decided we needed to take a break and do some wine tasting. It was a super fun and much needed afternoon. Thank MJ Incorporated (Meghan and Janene) for making the day memorable!

Jamie, Meghan, Sara, Janene, Stacie, Peggy, and Patricia

3 wineries + Halloween decorated limo bus + 7 girls = FUN!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Annual School Harvest Festival

Last night we headed out to my work's annual Halloween fundraiser, the Harvest Festival. This year some of my friends went along as well as Aiden and the family of course. I think it was more exciting for Aiden this year because it was at HIS school too!

Here are the girls after they got their costumes on and make up done.
What cute cheerleaders they make!

Of course we couldn't let the girls have all the fun, us parents had to dress up too.
Here is Tony the football player, with his little cheerleaders by his side

The whole family in their BLUE and GOLD
 (mom, dad, Matt, Shaun- does that uniform bring back any memories?)
Carnival fun!!
can't forget about little Liam... he was having the most fun, just look at that face.
Missi and Me all smiles!
so much Halloween fun... and Halloween is still a week away.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

the everyday...

The girls have been into trains for a very long time now, but they have just started making trains out of our chairs and stools. These trains take them to the park, the store, the station, to Sea World, the doctors- anywhere they can possible imagine. Of course, I ride along on these "adventures" and usually get roped into to chanting "chugga, chugga, chugga, choo choo." while pumping my arms up and down. It is really nice to see them using their imagination and playing so well together.

Okay, so this is how I found Lola when I went into to check on the girls during their nap the other day. I was so surprised that my laughter actually woke Lola up. Good thing she is a slow riser- I was able to run and get my camera to snap this shot (by the way they are dish washing gloves that somehow made it into their bedroom).

Since the day I found I was having two girls, I knew I had to perfect my hair braiding skills. I have always loved little girls in french braids, but have never really learned how to do it. Now that Ellie's hair is a bit longer, I have been able to practice a bit- I was pretty proud at this attempt (at least it resembles a french braid) Mo - does this make you proud, you have taught me all  I know about hair braiding hair.
p.s. check out my "goofy girl" -those faces of hers.
Ellie response to me when I call her My Goofy Girl is "no mommy, I'm Mickey Mouse."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin decorating and ... yes carving!

Last night the four of us spent the evening decorating and carving our pumpkins. I decorated my white Cinderella  pumpkin with ribbon (right up my ally) no cleaning or carving, just gluing and cuteness.

Next, the girls and I made two glitter pumpkins which I was dying to try!
Next, the girls stuck faces on their very own pumpkins.
And lastly, we delved in and tackled the carving of our twin pumpkin! After much cleaning and some simple carving, we came up with some cute faces!
the Mezzadri family pumpkins, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Corner!

The girls are getting pretty crafty these days!
They love it when I bust out a project for them to work on! Since the girls have not started any formal pre-school and we don't plan on doing that for a few years, I have begun trying to incorporate some organized projects into our playtime that focus on beginning academic skills.
The girls worked on making bracelets with pipe cleaners and beads. I was impressed with how they were able to thread the beads independently. I got a new key chain out of this project and the girls got some cute bracelets, all the while working on the girls' color recognition and sorting skills-not to mention tuning their fine motor skills.  

Since we went to pick apples, I thought it would be relevant for the girls to make these paper apples out of ripped paper. They were working on their fine motor and pre-cutting while ripping paper into pieces and gluing them on the Apple shape,  all while learning how to categorize colors and compare sizes.

This project was facilitated by mom with some input from the girlies. The girls helped me clean the sand dollars and dry them off and I did the hot gluing and framing. We made this piece of art out of all the cool sand dollars we found on our weekend trip to Coronado. I think it turned out great! It fits our living room theme perfectly. Don't quite know what they learned from this project, but it was fun!

please forgive my teacher speak :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What to do with all those apples?

...well make candied apples of course!

The girls and I had fun making them and we all had fun eating them!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Festivities in Full Force!

We headed up to Julian for the afternoon and Calico Ranch was our first stop.
Here we our embarking on our journey in the apple orchard for an afternoon of Apple Picking. We went with our friends Kathleen, Kevin, Bailey, Amy and Ella.
four cute, two-year-old girls on a mission to pick as many apple as possible!

Ellie simply loved to eat the apples, she ate two whole apple before we even left the orchard.
Lola was all about filling up her bag and Ellie's too!

to get the apples up high- Lola would crawl up on daddy's lap to reach them!

Julian Mining Company
After apple picking was exhausted we headed up the road to Julian Mining Company for some pumpkin picking, pinicing, and fun mining activities.

our girls took control of the wagon and loaded it up!

We did find some great ones, and we even found a twin pumpkin (of course we had to get it)- who knows how we will carve it.

Panning for jewels, hiding in a tee pee, and churning butter were some of the activities that filled up the afternoon.

We couldn't possible leave without taking advantage of this stage. The girls were so cute, they would hop on stage taking turns singing. Bailey would bow after every rendition. It was pure entertainment!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life at the Library

Our little readers... the girls loved the library! There was so much to do and we happened to be there right as craft time was starting. It was a great afternoon and a good escape from our wet weather.

Libraries make Lola a little goofy, this is her new "let me smile for the camera" face!

Ellie was in heaven when she found this Thomas the Train book!

Reading in the cute!

craft one, coloring

craft two, making Palm trees with falling letters after Reading 'Chicca Chicca Boom Boom"
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