Monday, November 28, 2011

sister love

Despite having the entire couch to sprawl out on, the girls always choose to sit cuddled together. If  they are watching a TV show, just reading books, or simply lounging on the couch those little girls are always snuggled. I guess you can't deny the fact that they are twins and need that physical contact with each other. I wont lie, as a parent of twins, it makes me happy that they are this way!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Visit to the New Children's Museum

The San Diego Children's Museum has a whole new look, it is TRASH inspired art. We spent the morning there yesterday, I am not sure the girls noticed the new look, but they sure did notice how much fun it still was.
 I will let the picture speak for themselves.

We will be going again soon, per the girls request!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving eve & Thankgiving day!

Thanksgiving Eve
Our Thanksgiving fun started on Wednesday when Aiden and Liam came over to help make our Turkey shaped deserts. Though they liked licking their fingers and eating the broken candy corns better than actually making the dessert, we did manage to make enough for our table settings and some to share.
Liam (yes he's getting so big-almost a year), Lola, Ellie, & Aiden
Aiden, Lola, and Ellie playing restaurant... it was too cute !

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday Morning, as I perused the adds and watched the parade, Lola and Ellie were being goof balls!
They were even pretending to be pregnant super heroes...
Off to Emma's house we go for Thanksgiving dinner, but dinner was far from the girls' mind when they sat down to play Legos with Uncle Drew.
There was some fun going on in the kitchen too!
Emma and Lola
Auntie Sara and Ellie
Okay- time to get down to the business of cooking...
Lola and Ellie took on the task of tasting making the mash-potatoes.
Yummy dinner with all the traditional fixings- You can see how those turkey table setting turned out (not too bad, when you consider the engineering team)

Lola found a new use for the napkin ring and Ellie was all about the Turkey!
Me and Tony!
Tryptophan takes over!
What a great Thanksgiving, needless to say we did not wake up before dawn to hit the sales.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


After being woken up by my two Angels about 7:15 this morning, we headed out for a little walk to buy a newspaper at the local paper stand. My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving morning is sit on the couch, watch the parade, and go through the adds to see what great deals are out there for Black Friday. But as I open the paper I am hit by the utmost gratitude and real perspective. On my search to find the trivial advertisements, I was stopped by the front page story, which was about a family who was in the hospital this morning with their sweet little girl who is fighting a rare form of bone cancer. They were extremely grateful because they were going to get a pass to leave the hospital for a few hours so they can spend a Thanksgiving dinner with their family. This Thanksgiving I am humbled by stories like that and am truly grateful for the life I have been blessed with, I am specifically thankful for the health of lively spirit of my baby girls. I could not ask for anything more. There are times I unrightfully long for more, but this Thanksgiving I could want nothing more than what I have, a happy healthy family that I get to enjoy everyday.

Today my thoughts are with the extended family I do not get to see on a daily basis, I miss you and am grateful for each and everyone of you, and the imprint you have put on my life.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haddie... our Christmas Elf

The Elf on a Shelf made her first appearance to our house this year. She knew how excited Lola and Ellie are becoming about Christmas and wanted to be sure to that Santa new what good girls they have been this year.

The girls named their Christmas Elf Haddie. First they both said her name must be JuJu, but since every doll in our house is named wither JuJu or FuFu, we said they must pick a special name for her. After spitting out  these suggestions: cat, Abby, unchair, unstool,  hat, hat-ie, Joseph, Sienna, Zoe, they decided that since she has such a cute hat on, her mane should be Hat- but because she's a girl she should be called Hattie, which was actually pronounced Haddie, which is actually a real name, so we all agreed that our Christmas Elf''s name is Haddie.

Both Lola and Ellie are really into Haddie due to the fact that she flies to Santa every night to tell him what good girls they have been! I swear all Tony and I have to do is look at Haddie when the girls are acting up and they stop in their tracks. I wish Haddie could hang out all year around.

We prepped the girls for the arrival of their Christmas Elf by reading the book "Elf on a Shelf"

They were in awe when they found Haddie sitting on the shelf in their room, Lola was a bit skeptical about her presence, but eventually warmed up to her.

She arrives each morning in a new spot, after reporting to Santa every night. The girls had fun finding her- this time in the kitchen.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Live Concert!

Tonight, Emma and I took the girls to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live. The girls have been anticipating this event all week. They were so excited!

Here they are all dressed and ready to go, just anxiously waiting for 4:00pm so we could head down town to the Civic Theatre. They even took with them their little figurines of Brobee and Foofa!
It was raining, which made it just that much more fun. They loved walking under the umbrella!
When we first told the girls they were going to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, Ellie said "we get to eat popcorn?" Yes Ellie, you will get to eat popcorn!

The show was great. The girls were a bit reserved the first half, just taking it all in and singing lightly to the songs they know so well! (pay close attention the bottom left picture, during intermission we got to text in messages that would show up on the screen, so cool)
They loosened up during the intermission and started a dance party in the aisle behind our seats. It was crazy how all these kids were so energetic and danced together like they were best Friends. It was so great to watch the girls experience that kind of fun!

Here are the videos to put you in the moment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're feeling better!!!

The girls have been all about making their own fun these days. We haven't done too many spectacular things this week, but the girls are okay with that, just hanging around the house these days is one of their favorite things to do!

Waiting for dinner is even a hoot these days...
Ellie on the strings, Lola grooving to the tunes!
"Camping" in their room has been a weekly event. Saturday I served them lunch by their "Campfire"
Using scissors and cutting scrap paper have been keeping these toddlers occupied too!
thumbs up Lo!
A box has so much potential... this morning the box was a restaurant, tonight it was their tandem wheelchair.

I love that they have so much fun with the simple things!

Friday, November 11, 2011

First and foremost, Today is a day to remember all the men and women in the arm forces past and present who give up so much for each and everyone of us.
A heartfelt THANKS goes out to all of them!

Today I am also thankful that my Ellie is feeling better!
But heart broken that my Lola is sick now...

Since, we had the day off and Ellie was feeling better, we headed to the children's museum. We weren't there 10 minutes before Lola spiked a fever and got sick. The girls are so close and they want to take care of each other when they are sick, it is hard to prevent one from getting sick when the other is under the weather.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun Family Pictures

The other day we had a chance to get some good pictures of Tony's mom, Suzanne, aka "Emma" with the girls. They all were having fun during our mini photo session. It is nice now that the girls are starting to understand posing for pictures and actually enjoying it!
Hope that makes for many more photo opportunities in the future!

Uncle Drew made his way into a photo, such a cute shot!
Auntie Sara had to get in on all the funn too!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dos Picos

Despite the chilly weather, Tony and I managed to get the girls out on Saturday and head to Romano. My work had planned a camp out in Dos Picos Park for the weekend, we weren't quite up for camping in the 45 degree weather, so we just headed out for the afternoon to have a little fun and let the kiddos go wild. I think we will be come back to this park during the summer though, their cabins were perfect for us, it was super kid friendly, and it's only a 45 minute drive.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

minute by minute

anyone who has a toddler or who has raised a toddler can relate to this picture (well at least I hope it's not just my children), they know how a toddler's mood can change on a dime, the evidence is captured in these pictures. glee one minute, absolute tantrum the next.

Friday, November 4, 2011

chocolate soup...

What better way to entertain two toddlers on a rainy San Diego day, but to make their fantasies come true! You see, any time Lola or Ellie  are pretend cooking or playing in the sand, they are always making Chocolate Soup. You have no idea how many bowls of pretend chocolate soup I have enjoyed.

Since we couldn't play outside today, I figured it was time I let them make it and taste it!
Here's how we did it...

(they are REALLY into Fancy Nancy books these days)

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