Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun and Friends - in the Bay Area.

We managed to have a lot of silly fun while home visiting my parents
 as well as seeing some old friends in the area.

for one:
One evening Missi and I experimented with my camera, a long shutter setting, and a flash light. This was our result. It was too fun- it had us giggling for a long time!

We got to head into to Palo Alto and visit one of Tony's high school fiends from Virgina and his family, who now live in the bay area. 
Below: Stacie, Lola(who didn't want her picture taken), Tony, Mark
Ellie, Maya, Jason, & Jen

We got to see my friend Melissa and her family who moved up to the bay area for her husband's job just this past summer. Ironically Bailey (Lola and Ellie's best bud ) Grandma lives in the Bay Area too and is a mutual friend of Melissa. So the three families met at Super Franks to catch up and get the kiddos together.
Kathleen, Melissa, Stacie

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  1. It was great to see all of you !! Brady especially loved seeing all his lady friends. Brady keeps talking about "Lolie" :) Melissa


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