Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa made an early stop!

at EMMA's House!

We're heading to my parents this yearfor Christmas,
so we made sure to tell Santa our travel plans to ensure he would not miss us!

Since one of our girls bikes went missing a few months ago, the girls did ask Santa for a replacement. I'll say that Santa hooked them up with these super cool pink Radio Flier tricycles with real real rubber wheels and a basket to boot ! The girls were beyond excited! They also made mama real proud when they said that they wanted to give their other old little bike to their new baby Friend Solana.
Lola got her big, blue car she wished for and Ellie got one too!
As you can tell from these pictures, the girls were not at all excited about the "Elmo-one man band" they got form Uncle Drew and Auntie Sara. Auntie Sara is absent from these pics because she was out of town but the girls did thank her on the phone!
Mommy, got presents too! The girls and I got matching PJ's for Christmas... so cute!
I was also very stoked to get these UGGS! My old ones were going on 8 years!
Thanks Suzanne, I love them!!!!
No superstition here... they girls just had to open their new umbrellas!
My Tony was a bit under the weather this night, but opening his gift from his brother sure perked him up! A new TV... way too much but very grateful, we can now replace our old tube TV that we used in our bedroom!
Thank you Sara and Drew!
Emma's classic dinner of Cannelloni from scratch with Antipasto and Salad- to die for!

Uncle Drew, Ellie, Lola, and Emma
Classic- Goof ball 1 and 2!
What a fun night- I am glad Santa came Early to Emms' house!

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