Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas

So Santa came early to San Diego- If you did not know. It could have been just our house, but man the girls were sure Happy he did. You see when we saw Santa last week we told him that we all were going to be at Grandma and Poppi's house for Christmas and that we hoped he could come to our home before we left. HE LISTENED and came down our Chimney on 12/20 giving all of us a big Christmas surprise on the morning of 12/21.

The night before Santa came the girls made sure to leave him and his reindeer some goodies. Those goodies consisted on cupcakes and milk for Santa and apples and pretzels for the reindeer (though Ellie wanted to feed the reindeers chicken nuggets). Also daddy was very descriptive on explaining how Santa made it to all the houses and how Santa's sleigh landed on our rooftop and came down the chimney into our living room. Now- if you know our Ellie this was NOT okay! She was not too found of the idea that Santa was going to be roaming around her house while she slept. So in order to get her to sleep we had to leave Santa a message. The message that was written on a post-it note and posted to their bedroom door read "To Santa, Privacy, Lola and Ellie are Sleeping!" Being the considerate child that she is Ellie did state that even though Santa was not allowed in their room he could use their bathroom if he needed to! That was very thoughtful of you Ellie! This whole time Lola was going along with everything- she seemed to be fine with whatever and was just hoping that Santa would come. 

Well Santa did come....

While these little one were snug in their bed.... only be awaken by their very excited parents!.

Ellie was still a bit hesitant to come out (hence jumping on daddy's lap right away), while Lola was jumping up and down and couldn't get out the living room fast enough.

Much to no ones surprise but theirs, they got very spoiled from Santa. A fire truck, ambulance, a tent, books, dolls, play doh, and much more was among the loot!

The girls were great at helping daddy open some of his gifts. The girls made their dad this sign that said "Our daddy's the best" with their hand prints on it.
Mom got the gift of a lifetime- I hope this doesn't sound bad- but it's a day and half of freedom, which included a hotel stay, massage, and a dinner date. Thanks Tony- you knew just what I needed!
I set up a tripod in hopes to get the girls and me together and take a group photos of all three of us in our matching PJ's (gift from daddy too). In my process of jumping back on the couch to be in picture I knocked Ellie in the face with my knee... so this is how our picture turned out! I'm sorry Ellie.
PLAY TIME- we must play with all our new stuff.

Our traditional Christmas Breakfast of Cinnamon rolls and Sparkling OJ
Somehow we managed to make a trip to the park this day too (the girls are loving riding their new bike).
Here is Ellie, saddled up and ready to go out to the park.
Our Christmas Dinner
Italian Crusted Baked Chicken, green beans, and red potatoes with garlic and Gorgonzola cheese.
Even though it was four days before actual Christmas day- it sure did feel like Christmas!
It was a great day!

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