Monday, January 30, 2012

Is it Summer in San Diego Already?

....well a 'summer like' day in January, sunny and 70, we will take advantage of that any day!
Nothing says 'summer like' making chalk drawing in the shade after riding your bike around the neighborhood.

Will you just look at those Big Brown eyes- so full of wonder!
Lola is focused and working on her masterpiece of a "spider"!
Nothing says 'summer like' making your own bubbles just for laughs...
.... and doing sprint races with you twin sissy.
(I'll have to admit anytime I want the girls to get-a-move-on all I have to say is "Ready Get Set GO" and their off running like the wind).

Is the count down to summer officially on?
Well it's hard not to start counting when you get a taste of it here and there.
My count down started back in September, but I don't let it make me skip over the great days of Winter!

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