Monday, January 2, 2012


Nothing says simple like looking at the world through the eyes of a child!

This coming year I have decided to live by a few mottoes.
Slow Down
Less is More

Watching my girls find simplistic enjoyment in something as simple as bubbles makes me reflect on what I really what to discover in 2012. I want to truly Slow Down and enjoy each moment as Lola and Ellie seems to do so easily. Life gets in the way of simple things, and I want to be conscious about not letting the everyday routines of life spoil the sweet moments that happen everyday!
I have realized that for me less is MORE! Less clutter, fewer obligations, fewer choices, less stuff, and less noise and stimulation truly do make me happy! My goal this year is to say NO more!
Cleanse is a word that can encompass a lot of things. My goal this year is to try and cleanse all negative out of every aspect of my life. In what I put into body, what thoughts I have about myself and others, what guilt, resentments, lack of contentment, and jealously I hold onto. I want to pare down and focus on the choices I make on a daily basis and how those choices are contributing to my personal happiness- because I know that when I am truly happy those around me are happier, I am more energetic and productive, and I am an all around better person.

I blog about these goals for no other reason but simply so I can look back and keep myself accountable.

Happy 2012!!! 
Looking forward to what this year brings!

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