Saturday, February 25, 2012

Auntie Sara and Auntie Sarah...

This is just a cute shot that was taken a while ago. We were at Uncle Drew and Auntie Sara's house for a football game and the girls wanted to "take a nap" in Auntie Sara's big new bed! Well I couldn't resist either. Two cuties ready for play time and as you can tell there were two other cuties ready for a nap!
My bestie Sarah (aka Mommy's Auntie Sarah - to the girls)
was down last week just for a visit and to celebrate her birthday!
Here were are outside of our new FAVORITE restaurant,
 STACKED at Fashion Valley Mall- so cool and so good!
Auntie Sarah hooked the girls up with some very fashionable Barbies for their birthday!
The girls are lucky they have TWO Auntie Sara(h)'s

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