Saturday, February 4, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance?

Today was the girls' first dance class!
I have to say, this was a big deal to their mother. I don't really know why- it was just so great to see them listen to the teacher, have fun with their friends, and enjoy doing something that is just sooooo CUTE!
I really feel like we have entered a new stage with these little ones- still toddlers but just a little more independent and advanced. We're looking at preschools, starting them in dance class... gosh it all creeps up on you doesn't it?
Well we're not missing a single beat of it that is for sure! Here are some highlights from their first formal dance lesson- making mommy proud! 

My Lola, she was so into it and followed almost all the steps!
My Ellie, the observer, was a bit hesitant at first but after she took it all in, she had a blast and did great!
They get to take the class with some of their closest friends, Bailey and Ella too- so cool.

My little Ballerinas!
Lola and Ellie in action.

I might have to say that one of the girls favorite things about this dance class is that it is located right next to the best park ever - with a tire swing and all! Nothing like two cure ballerinas having fun with their Poppi on the tire swing!

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  1. Oh Stacie - there are not words for how cute Ellie and Lola are! What beautiful ballerinas! How exciting!


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