Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Day Blue Birthday Bash!

When the girls were asked what kind of a birthday they wanted they both said BLUE!
As you can see, to their delight, the girls woke up on Friday to a sea of blue!

After enjoying the new blue house, we headed off to do their next favorite thing JUMP!
We invited a few of their friends to join us at Pump-It-Up for an hour and a half of non-stop jumping and fun!
Aiden, Liam, Ella, Declan, and Lexi were among the friends that joined us! I'll say the moms had a bit of fun jumping too!

Lola and Ellie made a bucket full of yummy snacks and  treat bags with rice crispy treats for all of their friends to enjoy!
Couldn't leave the party without a turn at the arcades.
Somehow the girls were not able to nap after all of the activities, so I took advantage of them not napping and we worked together on making their blue cupcakes for the next night.
Since we were having the family over the next night to celebrate the girls birthday, we were just going to take them out to an easy dinner this night. When we asked the girls what restaurant they wanted to go to they said that they just wanted to stay home and have the pizza man bring pizza so Daddy could get into the couch and they can snuggle with him. Tony and I could not believe this was their answer- it was so sweet! So that is exactly what we did!

Lola and Ellie got to open a few presents from their mom and dad...
...and of course they had to have a little cake on their actually birthday!
(I don't know why my now three year olds are always half naked...
 It doesn't really phase me until I load the pictures on my computer and notice they took their cloths off)
Lola and Ellie's Blue Birthday Party
Now if you planned on attending this birthday dinner you had to wear blue- orders from the birthday girls themselves! This little party was bursting with blue, from the decorations to the food, from the wardrobe to the presents. Even their fingernails were blue!

Auntie Sara, Uncle Drew, Emma, Kaps, Monte, Auntie Missi, Aiden, Liam, Candace, Mommy & Daddy were among the guests at the party!

(I guess our house was a bit warm, the frosting melted right off their cakes)
Sugar High in full affect time (for those guest under 5 anyway)!
Happy 3rd  Birthday Lola and Ellie
Lola and Ellie,  Mom and Dad hope you had wonderful birthday and we hope you know just how much you are loved and adored. Our lives would not be complete without both of your smiles and both of your sweet hearts! We love you, our birthday girls!

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  1. Such a fun day - LOVE all the blue ;) Happy Birthday girls!


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