Saturday, March 31, 2012

simple sweet saturdays...

Today was the last dance class for this season. I really think the girls learned a bit about themselves or simply just gained a little courage by taking this class. It took them about three weeks to settle in, but after that they were happy, independent dancers that enjoyed learning new things. It was nice to watch them gain comfort and confidence by trying something new.  

These Saturday morning were not just about dance class ,we always seemed to make an outing out of it! Near the recreation center where the dance class was held there was the best park ever and at this park lived many, many Rolly Pollys. Ellie figured out pretty quick that if she touched these creatures they would roll up in a ball and she could fling them across the side walk. She loved her little friends that waited for her outside her dance class.
After we managed to roll up as many Rolly Pollys as two toddlers could handle we would share a  picnic lunch before we headed to the ultimate attraction the Tire Swing!
I really looked forward to these Saturdays, so simple yet so sweet!
I believe swim lessons are the next organized recreational activity for the girls, lots to look forward too!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ellie Speak!

Sometimes it's the simplest of activities that are the funniest! After picking the girls up from day care after work one day last week, we went for a walk down by the bay. As we were walking Ellie was full of one liners that had me cracking up. First, she saw this bunny (pictured below), but of course it was no regular bunny because it is only two weeks away from Easter so of course to Ellie it has to be the Easter Bunny. She's yelling at the 'Easter' Bunny "PLEASE bring me Eggs and lots of Chocolate, Lola wants Chocolate too!" While wrapping up our walk, I hear Ellie yelling something again- I think she is talking to another bunny, but I couldn't quite make out what she was saying. I stop walking to listen and she is screaming at the top of her lungs, "STOP winding trees, TREES STOP winding!" I conclude that Ellie is not a fan of the windy afternoon and it was probably time to wrap up our walk, but not before I ask her to repeat that statement a few more times so I can laugh a few minutes longer.
I LOVE toddler speak and know I will miss it when it is gone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

begging for boots...

My little ladies have been begging for boots! They see me wear my boots all the time and always ask if they can get boots too. Boots are not the most practical shoes to buy toddlers, but when I found these boots super cheep (at Home Good no less) I had to cave, and who wouldn't?-They look so cute, and of course will come in very handy the two days out of the year it rains in San Diego :)

These boots keep Lola quick on the draw...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry for more...

Mommies Night Out!
Yes we braided our hair and painted our nails to be in the spirit of the games and Katniss herself! Missi (my sister-in-law) got me hooked on the Hunger Games series, well me and the rest of the world. Anyway, after finishing the book we made a night of it and had a great time! Girls night at the theatre followed by dinner at Stacked, can't beat it!
Thanks Ladies! 
Missi, Kathryn, Carri, Stacie

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Candy Land Obsession!

Lola is absolutely obsessed with the game Candy Land! She loves it so much she actually wants to take it everywhere she goes, to day care, in the car, to their Friends house- everywhere. She is actually quite good. She genuinely won me four time now! Unlike many three year old I know- Ellie included, Lola has an remarkable attention span for activities like these. She loves puzzles and can sit down for 15 minutes at a time and put them together. She will sit down and focus on playing games like Memory Go Fish, and of course Candy Land. Lola has a lot of patients (she must have got that from her father), it is really cool to watch her use that patients to complete a game or put a puzzle together, she will just keep trying until she figures it out. And poor Ellie got the patients of her mother, she will be into the puzzle or game for about 3 minutes and then be off doing something else more interactive or physically stimulating.

Lola even ropes our guests into playing Candy Land!
Though this time I believe Robin, our guest,  won.

Here is a very happy toddler in her element, our sweet Lola!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Diego Snow Day!

The school bell rang and we all were off... heading 45 minutes east of San Diego to the Laguna Mountains. The perfect winter storm came into town this weekend and dusted our mountains with some great snow. Today being the sunny day that it was made for perfect "fun in the snow" weather. Tony, the girls, Uncle Mark, Aiden, Caden (Aiden's friend), and I were ready for some fun!

All of these kiddos were so brave! No hesitation, all four of them were sledding machines. Of course we don't actually own sleds because we're beach people and we know that a slicked up Boogie Board works much better!
Man did that thing go fast!
Aiden and Lola
Caden and Ellie
Mark and Aiden had a stellar run that ended in somersaults, just look at the slide by slide below.
The girls and I had a few good runs too!
But of course, nothing tastes better than freshly fallen snow- well to three year olds that is!

It must be in the genes, Aiden snapped this shot of me and my bro Mark!
Poor Tony- we couldn't find a spot to drop the van ramp that would enable him to get out and play, but he had fun watching us and was the target of a few thrown snowballs from his little girls!
Yeah for snow days! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Last night a crazy leprechaun snuck into our house and ran amok, but lucky for our, not so Irish girls, the little leprechaun left them something in return. The girls awoke to a house full of mixed up things and some treats!

On our table the leprechaun left us a special Saint Patrick's Day breakfast complete with green bagels, a whole box of Lucky Charms, and the girls favorite- lots of chocolate gold coins!
This little leprechaun also left the girls some Saint Patrick's Day treat! Lucky Ladies!
But in return for these gifts the leprechaun turned our house upside down and backward!
Can you spot all the crazy things the leprechaun did?
Upside down and backward chairs, picture, lampshades, and autumn...
...he even tied out cabinets shut, dyed our milk green, and put crazy green ribbons all over the house!

The girls had so much fun discovering all the crazy things that leprechaun did!

The girls really enjoyed their GREEN breakfast! Thanks Mr. Leprechaun!
Hope You all have a very LUCKY day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meeting my new niece!

This past weekend Mommy got to get away for a few days and head to the east coast to visit my brother and sister-in-law in New Jersey. It has been almost a year since I have seen my brother Shaun and I missed him like crazy! This trip had a bonus I not only got to see Shaun and Katie, I got to meet the newest edition to the Koehler family, Baby Shaelynn! She is so precious with her big blue eyes and strawberry blond hair- I fell in love!

Shaelynn with her mommy!
Shae with her daddy!

When I found out that Shae had yet to see the ocean -in her entire life :) - I had to take her!
Me and My Bro!
 Jersey Shore!
...and you can't go to the shore without snagging some killer pizza!
 No, it's not Primal Pizza- but when in Rome!
Seaside boardwalk!
 Auntie and little Shaelynn
Shaun and Katie have this little river behind their house. It was quite nice just to walk down by the river and hang out a bit. We managed to get some great shots of all of us!

It was great to see Shaun and Katie as parents- Shaelynn is a very lucky girl!
Thanks Shaun and Katie for having me- I had a blast and enjoyed our visit- Though Shaun my arms are still a bit sore form our Canoe races on the Wii- I'll be ready for a rematch on the table tennis very soon :) 
Love you guys!
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