Sunday, March 25, 2012

Candy Land Obsession!

Lola is absolutely obsessed with the game Candy Land! She loves it so much she actually wants to take it everywhere she goes, to day care, in the car, to their Friends house- everywhere. She is actually quite good. She genuinely won me four time now! Unlike many three year old I know- Ellie included, Lola has an remarkable attention span for activities like these. She loves puzzles and can sit down for 15 minutes at a time and put them together. She will sit down and focus on playing games like Memory Go Fish, and of course Candy Land. Lola has a lot of patients (she must have got that from her father), it is really cool to watch her use that patients to complete a game or put a puzzle together, she will just keep trying until she figures it out. And poor Ellie got the patients of her mother, she will be into the puzzle or game for about 3 minutes and then be off doing something else more interactive or physically stimulating.

Lola even ropes our guests into playing Candy Land!
Though this time I believe Robin, our guest,  won.

Here is a very happy toddler in her element, our sweet Lola!

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