Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Diego Snow Day!

The school bell rang and we all were off... heading 45 minutes east of San Diego to the Laguna Mountains. The perfect winter storm came into town this weekend and dusted our mountains with some great snow. Today being the sunny day that it was made for perfect "fun in the snow" weather. Tony, the girls, Uncle Mark, Aiden, Caden (Aiden's friend), and I were ready for some fun!

All of these kiddos were so brave! No hesitation, all four of them were sledding machines. Of course we don't actually own sleds because we're beach people and we know that a slicked up Boogie Board works much better!
Man did that thing go fast!
Aiden and Lola
Caden and Ellie
Mark and Aiden had a stellar run that ended in somersaults, just look at the slide by slide below.
The girls and I had a few good runs too!
But of course, nothing tastes better than freshly fallen snow- well to three year olds that is!

It must be in the genes, Aiden snapped this shot of me and my bro Mark!
Poor Tony- we couldn't find a spot to drop the van ramp that would enable him to get out and play, but he had fun watching us and was the target of a few thrown snowballs from his little girls!
Yeah for snow days! 

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