Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend with Grandma!

My mom came down for a long weekend. On Friday I escaped from work and we headed to the Quail Botanical Gardens for the day. The weather was perfect and all of us girls had a great time!
The train was fascinating, the tree house and sand board pit was great, and the turtles in the Lily pad pond were mesmerising.

 The Bamboo Forest "Where mommy said the wild things live" were cool but a bit spooky.
The girls went on a 'hunt' to find the "Wild Things"
  Grandma Mar got to spend lots of time just playing with all four of her San Diego grand kids!

 Grandma and Lola
 Grandma and Aiden
 Grandma and Ellie
Grandma and Liam

Thanks mom for a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

I love that we have two little girls! Girls are just so much fun, there is nothing like it!

Girls, well at least my girls, love to model outfits and pose for pictures.

Only girls get away with stealing their mommy's cloths and pretending to walk their dogs while they go shopping.

Coloring is very therapeutic for me and I absolutely love coloring with these little ones,
I love that I have little girls and that they love to color!

Little girls will show up at the dinner table with a perfectly suitable outfit for any occation
 and make the dinner table that much more exciting!

Our little girls love to play mommy and are pretty good at all the the mommy duties.
I am sure some day they will make the best real mommies.

I love that God blessed our family with two sweet little girls!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Party Weekend

The parties started Friday night, with a silent auction fundraiser for my school. The theme was Hot Rods and Hogs/ 50s. Well Tony had yet to put on his leather Jacket in this picture, but we went as Sandy and Danny from the movie Grease.
Me, Arielle, and Kathryn (other Silve Gate teachers)
  Me and Janene!

Then Saturday morning we were off to help Lexi celebrate her first birthday at her candy themed party! It was great fun and SUPER sweet!
Saturday evening, the girls buddy Bailey, came over for some swimming and of course a dance party! The three of them even rode "Daddy Sea Star" together.

To top it off Poppi was here this weekend...
Which meant some fun family dinners and a lot of piggy back rides!

Ellie was Poppi's little buddy this weekend!

Needless to say the girls have been great sleepers this weekend and Tony and I have too!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

The girls have been enjoying spring! A few weeks ago we were in full forces getting our patio and "mini" garden ready for spring. We planted flowers (blue ones of course) and planted some organic herbs. The girls love playing in the dirt and were actually really good helpers. They helped fill the pots with soil, pour in seeds, water the new plants, and best of all clean up the mess!

We are growing cilantro, basil, parsley, and lemons on the patio. Almost every day the girls check the pots and most of the time Lola will come run and grab my hand with so much excitement and drag me outside screaming "mom, cilantro, look!" It is so great having all these herbs at your finger tips.
 But what would a patio be without flowers! Yes my Christmas Cactus blooms in spring!

Spring would not be complete without BUTTERFLIES!
About a week before going to the Wild Animal Park to see the butterflies, we started our own little butterfly farm at home. The girls were very curious about this whole process. I had read them a book about the butterfly life cycle and they loved the story but I don't really think they thought our little tiny caterpillars would actually turn into butterflies- well they did!
Here are out little scientist/observers at work!

After watching the caterpillars get bigger and bigger and eventually turn into cocoons we transferred them to our cage and hoped those cocoons would hatch. Well they hatched and of course needed food quickly. We picked some flowers from our potted garden and put them in the cage along with some cotton balls dipped in sugar water. The girls were pretty excited to see the butterflies, but I actually think our cats were more excited- We can't leave the cats in the room alone with the butterflies that's for sure!

We will release these little guys in a few days,
in hopes they will stick around our patio throughout the spring!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moive Mornings

What to do on a rainy Saturday morning?
Well come to find out, the movie theatre right down the hill from our house has 'Kidtoons' movies every Saturday and Sunday morning. It was perfect- we popped popcorn, brought some yummy leftover Easter treats, and headed out to see a show in the big theatre. The girls loved it and best of all they got in free and my ticket was only $2.50. The movie theatre was full of  fun toddlers and kids and the girls lasted through the whole show (1 hour and 15 minutes). We will be heading back next month when there will be a new showing!
pics are from phone...didn't think to bring my camera

Monday, April 9, 2012


The Easter Bunny stopped by our house last night and left these super full baskets for the girls. He must have known that the girls needed sandals and some cute cloths for the warmer weather fast approaching. The Easter Bunny also left some new books and of course a bit of candy!
The girls found their baskets hidden in our room this year. One of their favorites among the loot was the new electric tooth brush! Good thing because they both ate enough candy on Easter to last them the whole year! 
After a busy morning we headed to church to celebrate the true meaning of Easter!
To quote Ellie, "Jesus died and woke up to save Lola and Me."
 Of course Lola and Ellie had to have blue Easter Dresses!

The Easter Bunny got around this season, he made a stop at Emma's house too. After church we went to Emma's house to find Easter baskets and whole lot of hidden Easter eggs.
They acted like pros and found each and every hidden Easter egg...

...though the girls were a bit scared to grab this egg which was hidden among spider webs in the tree
(I don't blame them) Uncle Drew had to come to the rescue!
The Mezzadri Fam!

Lola, Stacie, Suzanne (Emma), Tony, Ellie, Drew
Hope you all had great and joyous Easter!
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