Friday, April 6, 2012

Daughter Dates and First Hair Cuts!

Having twins and especially with our family situation, it is difficult to get one on one time with our little girls. I made it a mission of mine this spring break to schedule little dates with each of my daughters. I am so glad I did! Though the outing were simple and functional, it was so special for them to get all the attention and to pick exactly what they wanted to do when. If I got one thing out of reading twin parenting books it was that we must make time to get to know each child as an individual not as a pair. I feel like we do a pretty good job at that, but days likes these bring that point home. I absolutely loved spending time with just Lola or Ellie each on their own. An unexpected surprise was  how they talked about the other when we were out. They were so thoughtful and would say things like "Oh, Ellie would like this book", and "I bet Lola is having fun with Daddy" - Thanks Emma for helping me coordinate these little dates!

Ellie and Mommy!

Our first stop was the park, of course!

Our next stop was to get a hair cut at the real salon! This was Ellie's first time getting a hair cut. Ellie had mixed feelings, she wants her hair "way, way long like Rapunzel" but she also thought it was pretty neat to go to the salon. We just got a little trim!

 Dinner at Smash Burger and desert at the yogurt shop- there's no other place Ellie would want to go!
Here is my goofy girl at dinner, making me laugh! She loves to make people laugh.
 A date with my Ellie would not be complete with out a walk to the book store.
It was great, Ellie read many books to me! Alos she wanted to bring a spooky scary book home so daddy could read it to her. She brought The Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Forest home. I foregot about these books, I loved The Berenstain Bears collection when I was a kid, so simple and a lesson in every one.

Lola and Mommy!

Lola and I ended up doing almost the same thing as me and Ellie just in a slightly different order.
Lola went for her hair cut first, as I expected she was not as open to the idea as Ellie.

Just look at this STINK face she gave everyone in the Salon...

We did manage to get it done and in the end I think she liked it. She sure did like driving in the plane when all the hair cutting was complete. Lola got a certificate too but she didn't quite aim it at the camera.
 The hair salon was at Liberty Station, so it was perfect we stayed there the whole time and managed to find a ton to do! There was a book store  right around the corner from the salon. Now if you live in San Diego and have kiddos this book store is awesome. It is a mom and pop Children's Only Book store called "Yellow Book Road" it was so quaint and cute. Lola made her self right at home, we sat on this bench and read books for a very long time. We did bring one home called "If you give a Dog a Donut" she thought it was so funny.

 Lola and I shared some hot dogs at 5 Guys and then of course some ice cream before we headed to the park for some late evening fun!

 Hopefully this will be the first of many "Daughter Dates"
I have to soak them up while they still like hanging out with their mom.

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