Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend with Grandma!

My mom came down for a long weekend. On Friday I escaped from work and we headed to the Quail Botanical Gardens for the day. The weather was perfect and all of us girls had a great time!
The train was fascinating, the tree house and sand board pit was great, and the turtles in the Lily pad pond were mesmerising.

 The Bamboo Forest "Where mommy said the wild things live" were cool but a bit spooky.
The girls went on a 'hunt' to find the "Wild Things"
  Grandma Mar got to spend lots of time just playing with all four of her San Diego grand kids!

 Grandma and Lola
 Grandma and Aiden
 Grandma and Ellie
Grandma and Liam

Thanks mom for a great weekend!

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