Monday, April 9, 2012


The Easter Bunny stopped by our house last night and left these super full baskets for the girls. He must have known that the girls needed sandals and some cute cloths for the warmer weather fast approaching. The Easter Bunny also left some new books and of course a bit of candy!
The girls found their baskets hidden in our room this year. One of their favorites among the loot was the new electric tooth brush! Good thing because they both ate enough candy on Easter to last them the whole year! 
After a busy morning we headed to church to celebrate the true meaning of Easter!
To quote Ellie, "Jesus died and woke up to save Lola and Me."
 Of course Lola and Ellie had to have blue Easter Dresses!

The Easter Bunny got around this season, he made a stop at Emma's house too. After church we went to Emma's house to find Easter baskets and whole lot of hidden Easter eggs.
They acted like pros and found each and every hidden Easter egg...

...though the girls were a bit scared to grab this egg which was hidden among spider webs in the tree
(I don't blame them) Uncle Drew had to come to the rescue!
The Mezzadri Fam!

Lola, Stacie, Suzanne (Emma), Tony, Ellie, Drew
Hope you all had great and joyous Easter!

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