Sunday, April 22, 2012

Party Weekend

The parties started Friday night, with a silent auction fundraiser for my school. The theme was Hot Rods and Hogs/ 50s. Well Tony had yet to put on his leather Jacket in this picture, but we went as Sandy and Danny from the movie Grease.
Me, Arielle, and Kathryn (other Silve Gate teachers)
  Me and Janene!

Then Saturday morning we were off to help Lexi celebrate her first birthday at her candy themed party! It was great fun and SUPER sweet!
Saturday evening, the girls buddy Bailey, came over for some swimming and of course a dance party! The three of them even rode "Daddy Sea Star" together.

To top it off Poppi was here this weekend...
Which meant some fun family dinners and a lot of piggy back rides!

Ellie was Poppi's little buddy this weekend!

Needless to say the girls have been great sleepers this weekend and Tony and I have too!

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  1. You make one hot Sandy ;) Great seeing you and the girls this weekend!


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