Thursday, May 24, 2012

inquisitive Ellie...

For about the past six months or so Ellie has been quite inquisitive about her daddy and why he is in a wheelchair.  She bombards Tony with questions about what happened, how he got hurt, why he got hurt, and when he's going to out of his wheelchair.  Now this kind of questioning is not out of the ordinary for Ellie, she would ask me similar questions about a hang nail if I had one. Her curiosity is so innocent and so cute. Actually the other day she brought me to tears when she told me as we were driving, "I want daddy to get out of his wheelchair." I asked her what she wanted to do with her daddy when he got out of his chair, she said "I want him to cook dinner." I simply relied "hopefully someday he can" and she simply said "yeah maybe Sunday" - I love that little girl! It's her normal and she wants to be in the know, like she does about every subject for that matter. Now Lola on the other hand is not quite as curious, though she appriciates the stories, to her it is what it is, she doesn't necessarily need the details. 

Ellie turned her bike into a wheelchair the other day...why not right?


Here is Ellie's version of why her daddy's in a's too precious!

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  1. How sweet is she, would love to hear his story and how you met one day if you want to share.


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