Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cabin Getaway!

This "Wild Bunch" and their kids had a blast last weekend when we all headed to Lake Arrowhead. Our friends Kathleen and Kevin's family have a huge cabin in the mountains and somehow our group of friends managed to have the same time off and get away together. The crew included Kathleen, Kevin, Bailey, Tony, Stacie, Lola, Ellie, Amy, Ella, Leslie, Joseph, Maureen, Rob, Amy Miller, Trent, and two dogs Kona and Malka. Yes that is 10 adults, 5 kids, and 2 dogs in one cabin for the weekend. Needless to say we had a blast together and ended up relaxing quite a bit too!
Amy and Kathleen ready to get the party started!
Maureen, Myself, and Leslie ready to join in...
The gang enjoying one of our grilled dinners on that huge "adult" table... Yummy eats!
The kiddie table, not as big but just as fun!
The first night in the cabin would not be complete without a tickle party!
...or a coed bath!
From left to right: Ellie, Ella, Lola, and Joseph
The next morning we all headed out for a hike around the lake!
Ellie and her daddy taking it all in...
Ella, Bailey, Ellie, Lola, and Joseph
Rock throwing was very popular amongst the kids!
In a group of kids Lola and Ellie always seem to find sometime for each other. Here they are together finding the perfect rock to throw back into the stream.
Back at the cabin we spent the rest of time relaxing. The kids were thrilled with the tree swing and you can bet that the tree swing was always in use!
Lola and Daddy taking advantage of the lazy day!
I absolutely love this picture...it's so sweet!

A weekend at the cabin would not be complete without swinging on the porch swing, playing Taboo, and having a all out dance party!
I'll say this was a great way to kick off Summer 2012!!!

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