Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday Daddy celebrated his ** birthday! We started the celebration on Saturday with a night out at one of daddy's favorite resturaunt, Stacked. On Sunday we had a relaxing day and then a BBQ with the Mezzadri family at Emma's house.
Here are daddy's girls helping daddy open his birthday presents.
The girls gave their daddy what they considered a perfect card!
Lola and Ellie took a break from the festivities to make some "Chocolate Soup" in the yard.
Our Ellie is SO goofy!

Ellie, Mommy, Daddy, Emma, Lola, Uncle Drew, and Auntie Sara
Other Auntie Sarah came to join the party too!

Happy birthday Daddy, we hope you had a wonderful day!
Cheers to a great year ahead!!

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