Monday, June 18, 2012

Swimming Lessons Began!

Today the girls completed the first day of their two week swimming class. They are enrolled in a semi-private lesson (just the two of them and one instructor) at their dad's alumni USD. Miss Amy is their instructor, she is very sweet and the girls warmed up to her very fast! As the girls progressed through their lesson Tony and my face beamed with pride. Our little ladies made us so proud- just by how willing they were to try everything Miss Amy wanted them to do! They are easily following their parents footsteps by loving water sports. Being back at a competitive size pool brought back so many happy memories, it took all of me not to jump in and start swimming laps right along side of them.  

Smiling, Swimming, Sisters

 Here are our little Aquarius girls focused and ready to learn...

The lesson was a half hour long and these girls worked the entire time. Tony and I talked about how hungry they were going to be when they got out of the pool. We were right, on the walk to back to the car, Lola started listing everything she wanted to eat for dinner and Ellie exclaimed that she was starving. Too Cute.

We can't wait to see Lola and Ellie's confidence grow throughout these two week of lessons.

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