Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ART corner

A long while ago Tony and I turned a portion of the girls' closet into an art corner. We did not realize how much they would love it! I took my old scrap booking organizers and  put labels on the drawers to coordinate with their art supplies. We put the drawers down low so the girls have free access to the supplies and art materials. I love walking into to their room when it seems a bit too quite and finding the girls sitting together cutting, glueing, and coloring- making masterpieces all their own. When my nephews comes to visit it is one of their favorite things to do as well. The girls have even been caught giving their babies art lessons in their art corner. I love how such a simple thing can encourage creativity, independence, and fun! A bonus to having so much closet space too in that the girls have access to all their board games and puzzles, they can play them at their leisure.

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