Saturday, July 21, 2012


The drive up Good Ole Interstate 5
You have to love the hours of visual proof that yes California is the Golder State!
After a smooth ride AROUND not through LA the girls and I had a nice little pic-nic at our favorite stop just after coming down from the Grapevine. Thus far they had been so good in the car I let them pick out a their very own bag of chips!

Next stop, Casa de Fruta
So close yet so far, Casa de Fruta is a great place to stop only a hour and half away from our destination and a good place to pick up some goodies to bring home to grandma and poppi!

8 hours of driving, only two stops, lots of snacks, good music but no in car movie devise, some mommy surprises on the way, and two great travel companions, all added up to one successful road trip. These girls are troopers!!!
We weren't at Grandma and Poppi's house but for five minutes and this is what they were into! I don't blame them after all that time cooped up in a car what kid doesn't what to go swimming!

Daddy we miss you already!

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