Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DAY Three & Four

The girls and I got to spend two whole days with my big bro and his family. We all had a blast. On Sunday Mo (my sister-in-law) had the day off work so we headed out to play in the pond at Spring Lake. (I forgot to put a card in my camera so this is the only shot of our fun at the lake...Mo took a bunch with her I-phone so there will be more to come) 
The cousins...Haven, Athena, Lola, and Ellie
After swimming in that dirty lake, a bath was much needed and why not keep the fun going!
Girly time!
Lola was too tired to participate in all the fun (look at her passed out on the couch)

My bro, Matt, grilling us some grass fed ground beef Paleo Burgers for dinner, Yummy!
While dinner the being prepared the girls had a dance party and pretended to be rock star drummers.
Me and Matt

Auntie Mo, (me still in my PJs), Lola, and Ellie
Haven took us for a "Hike" to the creek in their neighborhood.

I got a chance to spend some time watching Athena and Haven complete their gymnastic work out.
They both are quite talented at what they do.
Athena is on the been all the way to the right
Haven is in the back line with a purple leotard and a brown ponytail.
Just being goofy with Uncle Matt and Athena.
Thanks Matt and Mo for a fun filled few days!

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