Monday, July 30, 2012

Local Fun!

Before we left on our trip to Grandma and Poppi's house we had some local fun with friends. First we headed to Santee Lakes to meet Amy, Ella, Jamie, Boston, and Makay for a day of splashing, feeding ducks, and going wild at the park.

Impromptu Pizza Night with the Fam!
The girls and I were leaving Santee Lakes when we got a call from my brother who was going out for pizza in the area... so of course we had to participate in pizza night!
Caden, Ellie, Aiden, Chase, and Lola

We can't stay away from the beach this summer, it's just too much fun for all involved!
We headed to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas to meet our friends Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi. It was so cute how the three of them held hands and jumped over waves together.

The girls' buddy Bailey and her parent Kevin and Kathleen love swimming with us at our pool. This playdate is pretty much on a weekly basis. We love having our firneds over to swim with us!

I feel like we have enough fun for two summers this season and there is still a whole month to go, Whoo Hoo!

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