Monday, July 9, 2012

Second Annual Pool Party Playdate!

The girls hosted their second annual pool party play date this past Saturday. For some reason we didn't plan one last year but two years ago  it was a blast so we had to do it again. Most of Lola and Ellie's friends came over to enjoy the pool, eat yummy snacks, and have fun while the parents got to relax a bit.

Lola and Ellie were very much looking froward to this pool party, here they are helping me set up all the yummy treats.

Lola Grace getting a bit of sun before all her friends show up!
 Declan was first to arrive so the girls took advantage of some playtime with him by splashing and using the swim noodles as light savers!

Jamie and Boston
Declan, Lindsay, and Lexi
Amy and Ella

Paige, Henry, and Chris
Ellie and Declan are doing swim races!
The adults relaxing at the spa!

Candice, Emma, and Amy chatting it up pool side!
"The dads" taking care of the little ones and talking shop!
Lola and Joseph were having fun jumping into the pool together!

It was a super fun day!
Actually, the girls woke up on Sunday asking when all their friends were going to come over and swim again...I guess they will just have to plan a pool party plate date again next summer!

note: somehow I missed some guest- Bailey, Kevin, and Kathleen were also having fun with us too!

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